How Many of our Parents Seem to Make it Anyway?

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summary: Louis is having a tough time dealing with his parent's divorce, and his best mate Harry stays with him through it all.


"I can't believe you. What the hell!" Louis shouts at his mother and father, who ironically seem to be taking a united front to tell him about their divorce. It doesn't make any sense, really.

He knew it was going to happen eventually, because they had been fighting more often than not, and they seemed to be physically unable to speak civilly with each other. But, still.

He hadn't been expecting it to happen so soon - not at all. Not during his last year of High School. Isn't this supposed to be the best year of his life or something? It doesn't seem to be starting out all that great.

He's still seething, his tiny chest heaving up and down as he tries (and fails) to calm himself down. "Just... screw you, both of you!"

"You will watch your language when speaking with your mother, son. Calm down," His father scolds him, crossing his arms and leering down at him like he used to do when Louis was still only a little boy.

Louis just laughs (albeit a bit hysterically), he laughs because his stupid arse father actually seems to think that he can tell him what to do. Well, he can't.

Not anymore.

"No, you don't get to boss me around anymore, you twat!" His voice is hoarse from the screaming, his eyes stinging like he's maybe going to cry (but he won't, he won't let himself, they don't deserve to see how badly he's hurting from this).

After looking back and forth between his parent's shocked expression, he bolts. He runs straight out of the house, ignoring his mother's pleads of "Louis! Please, come back!" and his father's harsh shouts of "you get your arse back here right now!".

He doesn't even look back, not once.

He's not running away from home though, not really (he's running away from the problem, as always). Besides, he'll only be gone for two or three days, depending on the loyalty of his mates and how long they're willing to let him sleep in their guest rooms.

There's only one place for him to go, really.


"Louis? Babe, what's wrong?" Harry asks, his pretty green eyes going wide with worry as he takes in the mess that is his best mate right now. "Why're you crying?," He adds, and it surprises Louis a bit.

"I'm crying? Shit, oh god Harry, Harry!" Louis gasps, wiping his eyes and rushing forward.

Harry doesn't even flinch as Louis' body crashes into his. Harry just holds him close, squeezing him tight through the sobs and running his long, pale fingers through Louis' fringe that's messy and sticking together with sweat from the run it took to get here.

"Shh, babe. C'mon lets go inside, mum's out so we'll have a bit o' privacy," Harry murmurs, waiting for a nod of consent from Louis before he slowly walks backwards into his house, still attached to Louis.

He shuts the door as quickly as possible before leading Louis over to his rundown couch in the living room. After a moment of Louis taking deep, shuddery breaths and trying to calm down, he finally seems ready to speak (well, as ready as he'll ever be, because he doubts that he'll ever really be ready to tell people that his parents are divorcing).

"Shit, Haz something horrid's happened!" Louis cries, eyes watering up all over again at the thought of actually having to say what's been going on out loud. He doesn't know why he's so upset, because his father really is a piece of shit and he's not afraid to admit that, but. It still sucks. It really sucks.

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