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summary: Harry is at the lads’ flat, he couldn’t handle being home alone again. It’s just getting to be too much for him. They’re having a lads night out, according to Liam. But that’s total bull, because it’s not the same without Louis, and they all know it. No one has brought it up yet though, and Harry is grateful.

TRIGGER WARNING: Thoughts of suicide, self harm. Lots of angst in general.


Harry is at the lads' flat, he couldn't handle being home alone again. It's just getting to be too much for him.

They're having a lads night out, according to Liam. But that's total bull, because it's not the same without Louis, and they all know it. No one has brought it up yet though, and Harry is grateful.

Harry stared at the Telly, not really paying attention to what was on the screen. He was too busy praying that Louis would come back home soon.

He hasn't been around much for the past month or so. Harry knows that Lou's been with Eleanor, and that he's happy, but it doesn't stop Harry from missing his best mate.

"Harry, are you okay?" Liam asks, getting up from his spot on the other couch to come sit beside the younger lad.

Harry looked up at him, confused. Does he not look alright? He's been getting good at hiding all of his emotions, but not good enough, apparently.

"Yeah, I'm just peachy." He lied, trying to keep his tone light and happy. Liam is always freaking out over the tiniest of things, and Harry just can't handle something like that tonight.

"Sure..." Liam said, looking back at Harry doubtfully. He obviously doesn't believe the boy, but Harry doesn't really care.

He doesn't care about anything anymore. He's just this empty body, a sad excuse for a person. Harry hasn't been eating as much, and whenever he tries to sleep, he has nightmares.

All of Harry's dreams include Louis... well his eyes. Those perfect, startlingly blue eyes. But even in Harry's dreams Louis is avoiding him. Harry tries to catch Lou's gaze, but it never works. He always wakes up sweating and afraid. Afraid that he will never be able to look into those eyes again.

Harry knows that he's being a bit overdramatic, but he can't help it.

Louis has been avoiding Harry, at all costs. The last time he stopped by their flat was over a week ago, and it was only to re-pack his duffel bag. He didn't even say hello. Harry just watched him come and go, wondering why this was happening.

Harry doesn't know what he's done wrong, but he's sure that it's something horrid. Because why else would Louis avoid him? It just doesn't make any sense...

"Harry? The movie is over." Liam interrupts Harry's morbid thoughts once again.

He knows Liam will want him to spend the night, and for a moment Harry considers it. But he needs to be home. Harry can't shake the thought that tonight could be the night that Louis comes back. He wouldn't want to miss that. It's a long shot, yes, but Harry is still hopeful.

"Tonight's been great, but I got to go..." Harry says, trying to sound apologetic. He's really not, but the lads let him leave in peace. They all know he's under enough stress, and they don't want to add any on.

Big mistake...

Harry had planned on taking a cab home, because Liam was very insistent on it, but now he wasn't so sure. Harry wanted to walk back to the flat, and he wanted to take his time. He needed some time alone with his thoughts, in a place other than his empty flat.

He had a very odd feeling about tonight. Something was going to change. He just wasn't sure if it would be good or bad. Hopefully good, but you never know.

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