After hearing those words, I became disturbed. Looking over at Q, broke my heart. He was taking it the hardest out of all of us. Liyah tried her best to console Q but he wouldn't bulge. The affection he showed in the private room was the most I've seen out of him in awhile. I knew Jai was gonna take it the hardest. I mean I would too if I'd just miscarried.

"Can we go see her?"

"Well she's in a medically induced coma. She won't know you're there." The doctor stated.


"Yes she went into cardiac arrest while delivering the baby. She isn't breathing on her own & she lost a tremendous amount of blood. But you're welcome to see her."

"Fuck man! That's my sister man!" Q yelled.

Q began to punch walls until Liyah walked over & coddled in her arms. He cried while Dot stayed calm in his seat. I hated when he was quiet like that. I went over to Dot & hugged him tightly. Whispering in his ear, I heard him break down.

"Baby stop crying. Jai's gonna be okay."

"Man sh-she was like a little sister to me." Dot expressed.

"She still is. She's all of our sister."

We all collected ourselves & walked into the room. Seeing Jai hooked up to all of those machines frightened me. Liyah held my hand & cried into the other. Jai looked so fragile & we were praying for the best. Watching Q hold her hand broke my heart.

I walked over & kissed her forehead. Her body was beyond freezing & she looked so pale. Dot walked Liyah & Q out, giving me alone time with Jai.

"Jai baby you gotta pull through man. Fuck this shit ain't suppose to happen."

She seeing her in this condition breaks my heart. Jaida never harmed nor messed with anybody so why was this happening to her? All I wanted to know was where the fuck was Keenon's ass at? I cried with my hands covering my face while she laid there. All I could think about was how she was gonna take the news about her baby. Q finally walked in & let me go get some air while he sat in the room with her.


Seein my lil sister in critical condition hurt a niggah's soul. Man I couldn't even wrap my damn head around dis shit. Knowin that I just lost my nephew, I'll be damned if I lose my sister too. Watchin her sleep killed me inside. I had a million thoughts runnin through my mind. What if she never recovers? What if she's actually gone but life support is keeping her alive? I dropped tears thinkin about that shit. I wanted her to make it out of this shit badly. I missed her corny ass. I held onto her hand & for the first time, I prayed. I prayed that she'd make it out of this condition. I missed my sister & I'd die if anything would happen to her.

"Damn Jai, I just seen you man. Why this shit had to happen to you?"

I kissed her hand while I stared at her. I couldn't believe this shit happened. The doctor came in & told me what happened to her.

"Well as you should know, her body went into shock after delivering the baby. She also flatlined several times during the delivery."


"Yes. When she was brought in, she already lost 40 percent of her blood causing the baby to miscarry & her to slip into a coma. It's called Class IV Hemorrhage."

"Class IV Hemorrhage? What that mean doc?" Dot asked.

I didn't even notice that Dot walked into the room but I'm glad he did cause this doctor was finna catch this fade right quick."

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