Chapter 3: School Trouble?

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Thats when she exploded and started yelling a buch of none sense. My ears arw going to hurt a lot after this. I waited until she was done yelling.

"Hey whats going on out here?" The princible asked.

Uh oh. I knew i shouldve just ran for the class roo. When this all began


"Well isn't anyone going to tell me whats going on out here? Why are none of you in class?" he asked

I pointed to Damon "He wont let me go to class." i said.

James face plams him self again.
Oh yeah i forgot that 'rule' you never snitch on the Alpha demon. Opps

"Damon i undersstand that you will be the king of Demon's soon but as for right now you are the Prince. You can't keep Katherina from going to class."

I didn't know he knew my name. When was this? When did he learn my name?

"I know your name because people always get mad at you, and are always getting into trouble

"In all honesty Mr. Principle guy, Its not my fault that the Science teacher makes me wrok with chemicals. I really didnt mean to 'blow up' the Science lab two weeks ago. I told the teacher not to let me touch the fire but no she made me. So it waand still is her fault not mine." I said

Knowing full well that i was right, the quickly changed the subject.

"And you boys." He pointed to everyone behind Damon "Why arent you in class?" he asked

"Because I had asked them to stay with me and support me." Damon speaks up

"Support you with what?" The Principle asked

"Well it seems like Brooks here is cheating on me with just about every guy here, except for my frineds and no one seemed to brother to tell me." Damon said.

The Principle and Brooke exchanged looks. It was brife but I saw what looks they were giving eaching other. It was fear and worry.

Omg! They are secretly doing it together!

James gives me the look. The shut up look. I lokked around and they all were looking at me with shocked expressions, and then i realized that they can all read my mind.
Opps I forgot to turn off my mind-link this morning. Just forget what i had just thought,and ill head back to class.

Damon let out a fierce and loud growl. His eyes turned completely black.

I jumped, and kind of hid behind James.

Holly crap god save me now!

Damon truned to the Principle, his eyes are still completely black. He asked, "Are you, the Principle of this schools, really having a relationship with Brooke, who is one of your students?!" He yelled. By now everyone is outside there classrooms and watching what we are doing.

Wait the bell didn't ring yet so why are they outside the classroom?

The Principle golped. He knew that if he lied he would be damned but if he told the truth he would still be damned. He did the only thing he could do and nod his head.

Damons jaw chelenched as his hand formed into fist. "Get out." Damon said blandly.

The Principle tuged at his tie. "W What?" he asked

"I said get out!" Damons voice got louded as he ended his sentence. "You cant have a relationship with a student and get away with it! So get out because you are fired. And yes i can firer you because my dad is your boss and it will only take seconds for you to lose your job. So i suggest that you get out as soon as you can befor you will have to talk to my dad face to face!" His face was only a few inches away from the principle's face. His voice a dangerously low.

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