13. Why I Love Them More...

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You showed me the darkest side of love,
They brought light to my dark world.
You showed me that not always you get what you want,
They brought me out from the nightmares which were a haunt.
You gave me pain every single day,
They cured it with the words they say.
You left me all alone in the journey,
They helped me get to my destiny.
Now even if you come back, I don't care
Because they showed me to play yous dirty games with rules pretty fair.
You made me cry every night,
But now you are not the one for whom I'll fight.
They saved me from the real me,
And here I'm today, the strongest I can be.
As a payback I'll protect them from every lie,
This is a promise I made to myself,"Cross my heart and hope to die"
So think twice before you ask me why I love them more?
Because that would lead to something you wouldn't ask for.

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