Chapter two see though heart.

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Feliciano had somehow managed to fall asleep in that tiny jar made of glass. The little fairy yawned as he awoke to find himself in a new place. There were many people walking some stopped and looked at him.

Which frightened him quite a lot as he pressed his back against the glass. "ve~ fratello,Feliks wake up !..." Feliciano cried shakily. As his brother and friend slowly woke up. "what the hell ! where are we ?" Romano hissed angrily.

Feilks sighed "I think I know....the humans call it the black market but us fay folk call it the death market. It's where humans sell whatever illegally such as other humans and magical creatures.

The humans who buy the magical creature then decides it's fate some are taken as slaves of any kind. Others are not so lucky and are killed for their magic." Romano gulped if this was true then they were truly screwed.

Romano noticed that two blonde men were at the stand one was stern looking and he was holding a jar with a fairy he knew as Tino. The other man held two jars. Romano didn't know them but Felicano did they were brothers known as Lukas and Emil.

The man who held their jars looked happy and energetic and less terrifying then the one who held Tino's jar. "Ve~ Emil & Lukas are lucky they get to stay with each other right fratello...?" Feliciano said innocently Romano didn't answer him. Neither did Feilks they all just sat in silence.

That's when two more people approached the stand one man had starch white hair with blood red eyes. Like a vampire and the other had blonde hair the color of sunshine with cold blue eyes like the waves of the ocean.

The one with the white hair ran off to where they kept the bigger magical creatures such as the mermaids,neko-people,and etc. But the blonde one stayed neared them Romano didn't like the looks of him and began to swear at the man to stay away. Feliks however could have cared less they didn't seem very interesting to him. Feliciano however could not stop looking at the blonde man's eyes.

They were so hypnotizing the little fairy fluttered his wings to gain the man's attention it seemed to work. Seeing as the man had been picking up each one of their jars. He was a bit taken back when Romano started to bang against the side of the glass jar aggressively. The man quickly set the angry tomato fairy's jar back down.

But once he picked up Felicano's jar Feliciano scooted up to the glass that was facing the man. Smiling at him as he tapped at the glass to say hello. The man however seemed confused so Felicano waved the man smiled briefly before waving back awkwardly. That's when other voice called out

"Hey ! Ludwig I got my fish !" the pale haired male said with eagerness as he walked over, once he got close enough he peered into the glass. His blood red eyes startled Felicano making him pressing himself against Ludwig's side of the glass for comfort. "Gilbert your scaring him. Stop. Go play with your fish or something."

Ludwig said as he walked over to the seller and paid him the money. The starched hair male whined "AW~ c'mon Luddy mutti always said to share our things !" Ludwig glared him "nein. This is a person as well." Ludwig said coldly before walking toward the exit.

Romano started to screech "Felicano ! Bring him back you fucking potato bastard ! Bring my fratello back you bastard." he screamed as tears began to trickle down his chin.

Feilks sighed "Like oh my god Felicano didn't even notice he was being taken away he's too distracted by the guy who like just bought him." Romano covered his face to hide his sobs but it failed miserably.

"Shut up Feilks just shut the fuck up." Romano managed to croak out "ugh like touchy much Romano ?" Feliks said. After what seemed like hours Romano felt something no someone watching him as he looked up from his hands to come face to face with a pair of deep green eyes that reminded him of home.

His face was red with crying. The fairy sniffled as his jar was being picked up. "Go away get the fuck away from me." Romano screamed but it was more like a bell ringing.

The man smiled brightly "aww your like a little tomate." he said cheerily as he paid the man his due. Romano eyes widen as he looked over to Feilks who simply smirked and waved goodbye. Romano banged his fists against the glass. "No ! FELIKS do something help me !" Romano cried as he was carried away to god knows where.

end of chapter two.

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