Chapter Three: Findings

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   I awoke in a cold sweat. My alarm is the last thing I wanted to hear. Looking over at my alarm clock, I begin to stand up. Stopping myself from standing, I lay back down for a moment, staring at my ceiling. I shake my head at my thoughts and laugh. As if that dream could ever come true. I stand from my bed, walking to my closet to get my clothes. I put them on in a rush, grabbing my bag before running down stairs. I grab an apple, just like everyday, and walk out of the door. As I walk towards the school, my walking slows. I don't want to go there, but I have to.

   Seeing the school in the distance, my heart drops. So many people have happy memories in this place, but all I can do is become emotionless at the sight of it. Thinking of how Brad treats me along with his other football douche bags enrages me.

   As I walk through the school doors I immediately see Brad and the entire football team standing around my locker. I freeze. Staring at them, my face burns red. "Brad!" My voice musters without my approval. My face burns a brighter red, this time from embarrassment as Brad turns to look at me. "Yes?" He asks, surprised. "Uhm.. You're blocking my locker." I say quietly, starting to look down at my shoes. "Sorry. Hey guys, move out of her way." He says, looking to the other football players.

   Is this really Brad? It can't be. He's being way too nice. It's hard to tell if this is the real him and he fakes being a douche all the time, or he's just really upset right now. Looking at Brad when he's acting so nice makes my stomach feel like its churning. His eyes look soft, his entire face looks soft. This can't be Brad, am I still dreaming?

   The football players move away from my locker and on to their classes. All but Brad. Brad grabs my hand as I go towards my locker and pulls me off into an empty hallway. "Brad, let go of me" I say as he pulls me into the hallway. "I need to talk to you.." He says softly, as though talking to an injured toddler. My mind is in a jumble of confusing thoughts. Why is he acting this way?

   "Paige.." He says softer than before. "Andrew.." Andrew? What is he talking about? I begin to remember my dream and back away, staring at him as though he's a monstrous creature. "Brad.. Are you alright?" I ask, my face written in terror as his hand squeezes my arm. "You're.. hurting me." He instantly releases my arm and backs away. "I'm sorry." He mutters, placing his face into his hands. "I'm sorry for all those things the football team did. It wasn't my choice but they put me up to it. We used to be friends Paige. Do you remember? Me, and you... and Andrew." Andrew. That name again. How could I have forgotten about Andrew? Is that why I had that dream last night? I can faintly remember his face, soft and laughing when we were children, before my grandmother passed away. That's when it all changed. How could I forget my life before she was gone? Brad, Andrew, and I. Inseparable. "Andrew.." I whisper, tears forming in my eyes. "How could I forget Andrew.." Brad pulls me into a hug, tears of his own forming. "I was young and stupid Paige. I've been trying to think of a way to apologize all these years. I knew I had to when I heard that Andrew might be coming back to town. You need to know.. That he isn't who he used to be." He released me from his grasp and wipes away his tears. "I'm sorry Paige, because of the group I chose to befriend I lost my dearest friend. I'd like to make it up to you. Please forgive me if they pressure me into rudeness again. Know that it isn't how I truly feel..I am so sorry for everything Paige." He looks at me, pausing his words. He clears his throat, "We need to get to class before we're too late." To my surprise Brad leans down and kisses me on the forehead before walking away.

   I turn and watch him as he walks away. I can see him shaking. My thoughts are too jumbled at this point to think. How am I supposed to concentrate in class now? I touch my forehead lightly. Why did he..? Why would Brad...? I shake my head, trying to shake the thought away, but fail. There's no way I can forget what just happened.

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