(Sasuke Uchiha x Reader) Kidnapped!!!

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You wake up to see you were not in your bedroom. You were somewhere else. You were in a plain room, stone floor, walls and, there was also a bed in it. " Wait!?! How did I even get in here!!!! And why am I chained to the wall!!!" You exclaimed.


You were sitting on your couch resting from the mission you just had. You had to go a long with Team 7 to try to find their lost teammate. Sasuke Uchiha. You guys had been jumping through the woods all day, and also ran into the Akatsuki's and fought them. Then when the fled it was dawn and Team 7 and you didn't have time to look anymore. You had to fight Itachi a rogue ninja, of course because you were the strongest out all of team 7, well except Naruto. So welp let's just say you are sitting here having nothing to do. When all of a sudden someone grabbed you from behind and covered your mouth. "Mmmhhh!!!" you said muffled. The intruder then turned you around. "SASUKE UCHIHA!!!!" You shouted in your head. He smirked and covered your eyes with a blindfold. (You know what Sasuke looks like because Tsunade showed you a picture of him) You then felt a needle poke into your arm and you then felt drowsy. After a moment of drowsiness you fell asleep.

Flashback Over

"That asshole kidnapped me!!!" you yell whispered. Just then you saw Sasuke enter the door to the room.

"Looks like your up (Y/N)," He said.

"What are you going to do to me!!!" you shouted. He walked over to you and lifted up your chin.

"Isn't it obvious," He says while unchaining you. You fell onto the ground on your knees. "I wanted you," he said and looked down at you and grabbed your chin lightly so you faced him. You blushed. He picked you up bridal style and set you gently on the bed. He climbed onto the bed and hovered you.

"Eeto, what are you-," You got cut off when your lips collided. Then you started to melt into the kiss. Yours and Sausuke's tongues twirled against each other. He ran his fingers through your hair and you savored the sweet taste of his mouth as he did to you. He explored the caves of your mouth making you moan. He pulled back and you leaned your foreheads together. He slipped your hand up your shirt. His cold hands moved swiftly up your skin. You shivered at the touch. It sent a shock through your body. He unclipped your bra and took your shirt off. Then he pushed you down against the bed sucking your nipples.

"S-Sasuke, I-I c-can't. D-Do this," You said between moans.

"Why not???" Sasuke said as he pulled back.

"I can't have sex with someone who is an enemy of the leaf village," He chuckled and said.

"I may be an enemy. But I sure as hell can make you fall in love with me," Grinning devilishly he went back to sucking you nipples, tugging and biting it, while groping the other boob. He did the same to the other one after.

"Ahhh, Sasuke," He smirked and went up to your neck where he bit lightly. A moan escaped your lips.

His hands reached down to your pants and unbuttoned it, slowly pulling it down. He then pulled your panties down as well.


"I don't think that is going to happen my love," He inched his mouth slowly to your pussy.

"Sasuke..." You muttered. He quickly stuck his tongue in making you jump. He then moved it in a circler motion making you moan loud. You pushed his head more in. "I-I didn't t-think I-I w-would b-be saying t-this b-but..... Faster!!!!!!" You squeaked making him chuckle. He did as he was told and moved his tongue quickly.

"Ahhhhh, yes," You moaned. Soon your moans had been making Sasuke crave for more so he had done a good job to give you as much pleasure. "Punish this bad girl~" You purred. He groaned and plunged his tongue deeper inside of you.

"I-I'm c-close. Ahhhh" You cum inside of his mouth. The warm liquid made him go wild.

"(Y/N) you taste good," You blushed and he asked. "Do you want to try?" You hesitated and then nodded. He kissed you and you tasted the sweet cum.

"Mhhhmm," You liked the taste of yourself. It was quite........ yummy. Sasuke pulled away and aimed for your entrance.

"You ready??" He asked. You nodded. Slowly sliding into you, you flinched and squeaked.

"Sasuke. It h-hurts,"

"It'll be okay," He said, slowly pumping in and out of you. The pain slowly decreased and pleasure started to fill you stomach.

"S-Sasuke. f-faster," You moaned out. He started to move faster and faster at each minute. You both groaned and moaned. You had never felt this kind of pleasure before. It felt. So. Good. You started to move with him. You wanted to do much more than he could offer. The sound of skin slapping filled the room.

"I-I'm going t-to cum," You yelled.

"M-Me to," He said pounding into you roughly. You were a moaning mess and sweating like crazy. "So tight!!" Your walls were tightening around him and you and Sasuke cum at the same time. He then collapses next to you. Both of you pant super hard then he gets up and puts you on all fours. Without warning he slams into you and you scream.

"AHHH!!!!" You yelled out in pain. A tear slips out of your eyes and you shut them tightly. He quickly and hardly pounded into you over, and over again. You then get used to that an start to moan. Because of all the force the bed starts to squeak.

"Yes Sasuke!!!! Punish me!!" You plead. He starts to plunge into you deeper. You cum, but he still goes on. He groans.

"(Y/N)!!!" He yells as he cums and you both fall back into place on the bed.

"I l-love you Sasuke," You say and cuddle with him.

"I love you to (Y/N)," He says. You guys then fall asleep in each others arms as the morning, approaches.

Well this was the chapter everyone!!! I hoped you liked it!!! This Sasuke x Reader lemon was requested by Rosy_Dragneel_Joey . This is only my second lemon story so take it slow with me. Please vote and comment. And please tell me if I am doing anything bad!!!! I am trying to improve my skills. Sooo, yeah. See you my lemon lovers!!!!!!! Until the next chapter!!!!

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