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I was 8.
I knew very little about the world.
I was vulnerable and weak.
I was the prey.

I entered that house,
it was warmly lit.
I walked into the room,
the door shut behind me.
I was scared.

They approached me warmly.
Asking me to take my clothes off.
I did so.
They then proceeded to touch me,
I was the prey.

I sat in my room, crying.
I sat there lost and unknown of what to do.
I was scared of what would happen next.

Now I sit here, 6 years later
retelling my story.
An event rather scarring.
And I stand here today,
Stronger than ever.

What happened was in the past.
Defining who I am, who I'll become,
and who I was.
And now I stand here,
than ever.

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