Chapter 2

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You (Yinzy's) POV

"I'm Home. " screamed dad

I quickly ran downstairs to greet him . My eyes were still swollen but it wasn't that noticible. My dad and I are friends . We treat each other like friends and not like a father - daughter relationship where the father is just too strict in everything . Eventhough I'm already 15 years old, I still run up to him everyday , kissing him on the cheeks .

"Yinzy! How was your day?"

"It was great dad. It was one of the best days ever !" There I go again with the lie.

Eventhough it hurts me saying that I had an excellent day at school, it will hurt more if my dad finds out about what is happening at school. I just don't want to see him worried and all that stuff.

"Yinzy, I need to talk to you ." He looked at me with a serious expression. To be completely honest, I was a bit scared on what's he was going to talk about.

"K. What is it ?" I went to couch waiting for my dad to come and talk to me .

" Tell me everything that happened in school."

" Well, it was just to great to explain. I can't even explain it with words." Without even realising , a tear escaped from my eye.

" Yinzy? Why are you crying ?"

" AH~ It was just so fun . That was just tears of joy "

" PABO(idiot) why did you let that freakin tear come out " I said in my mind.

" Yinzy , you know you can tell me anything right ??"

" I know dad. There's just nothing to talk about ."

" Yinzy... ok I've got one question to ask you ."

"What ??"

"What do you want most ?"

Mom finally joined us after she finished cooking dinner

"um... nothing . I've got my family . Got a school to go to . Have a lot of friends . That's good enough"

" Do you want to change schools?" My dad staring at me , looking at my expression.

" Why do you say that ?"

"We need to move ."

I felt so happy . I couldn't feel better . I can go to a new school , a brand new start . But I have to keep my acting up or else dad will feel suspicious why I feel so happy .

" We don't have to move . I can just tell my company that I'm not doing it ."

"Where are we moving to ?"


"Jjinjja (really ) ?!!!"

" (nods head )"

" Let's move!!!"

" woah I thought you would be sad to leave you friends."

" I will be sad but still!! I can experience new things that I haven't experience before ."

I'm so happy !!! I can finally get out of that hell school!

Just then , I saw my dad look at my mom with a grin on his face . My mom nodded and mouthed " Good Job "

I ignored because I was just too excited to leave this place and screamed


" The day after tomorrow . On Sunday." said my dad half laughing at me ." So you better start packing now ."

" Yes Sir !"

I ran to the start of the stairs but then my mom interrupted.

" Young Lady , We have to eat dinner first ."

" Oh yeah . Hehe .KK"

After dinner , I started to pack all of my stuff . I asked my mom for some cardboard box so I can pack all of my small furnitures .Then , my dad came in and sat down on my bed .

"Yinzy...(pats the space next to him ) come sit down ."

" K."

"Yinzy, I know what is happening in school . Your mom told me everything . "

" Sorry I lied to you dad " Tears started to fall of my eyes.

" Shhh. Don't cry . It's ok. But next time , do tell me everything instead of hidding it all by yourself."

" It's jj-ust that I didn't want you and mom to be worried about me so I didn't say anything"

"OK . I get it . But just promise me that you won't lie to me and mom anymore .k ?"

" Yess Sir"

" Luckily today I got the opportunity to move to seoul . I wouldn't want my little angel to cry everyday. Oh and I already did everything. I told your old school that you would be leaving and sign you up for your new school already . You got accepted to your new school through your grades . Oh and I know I don't check your grades and everything , I'm really impressed that you are the top 1 student in the entire school . Keep it up " My dad fistbump me .

" Hehe . Wait , are you saying that you didn't think that I'm smart??"

"Nooo, I didn't say that ."

"Haha I'm just joking ."

" I knew that . K , I'll leave you alone . Enjoy packing . Good Night ."

" Good Night Dad "

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