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"Hey, what's up?"

"Ummmm. I-I'm F-fine"

"Really? That's goo-good to hear" They stare each other but he looked away uncomfortably

"It wasn't good to hear you're fine without me" Slowly, his head dropped looking at the ground sadly.

"How can you live your life without me? Am I that easy to you? Why am I hurting alone?"

He felt the wet hot tears fill up his eyes, his throat closed tight and each word pitched higher than the last in an effort to squeak out the words that were bottled up inside him.

"Why do I still need you when I know it'll hurt? "

Finally the tears split over and flowed down his face like a river escaping a dam.

"Are you listening to me?" His voice was near to yell him out. The tone of his voice is obvious that anger is filling him up.

"I need an answer! For crying out loud! Answer me!"

Lay woke up catching his breath, inspiring and expiring as his shoulders moved up and down, sweat pouring in his side barns.

"Lay, are alright? It's okay. It's only a nightmare" Kris drew circles and trying to calm him down.

"Channie! Wake up Derp!" Luhan whispered. Chanyeol was alarmed at Luhan. They hurriedly turn on the lights. They saw a frozen unicorn, sitting in the bed without any movement. His eyes were filled with water, so close to drop on his cheeks.

"Unicorn! Don't let that tears fall, I'm going to cry if you----"

"The troll king will be activate if you're going to continue your drama" All eyes were darted to Jongdae.

"I'm serious. No one can stop me." He don't want to see Xiumin hurting and crying.

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