Crash Landing

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At the helicopter, I was happier than anyone in the world. But at the middle of the flight, the plane crashed into a flying demon and crashed into a village known as Fahrmann. We saw the forgotten member of our mission: Ara. We asked her what had happened and where is Ran. She told us about 20 hours ago, the demons came and invaded our village, she and her men managed to hold them of until now. Suddenly, we heard a loud noise at the peak of the village. I asked the scouts what had happened in that area. They said they saw a gigantic beast, also known as the Warden of Darkness, Drabaki. We went there and saw it killing anything in its sight. Oberon ran and slashed it with all of his strength, yet not dealing a high amount of damage. Drabaki launched several meteors at Oberon but he managed to dodge them all. He ran and slashed Drabaki several times but not able to break Drabaki's carapace. I thought of a plan to defeat Drabaki, I explained and everyone followed my plan with now questions. First, we called Rena to taunt Drabaki and try to dodge its attacks, while we come attack Drabaki together with all of our courage and strength. Finally, we managed to defeat the Warden of Darkness and went back to the village. But what we saw was Ran, the Dark Earl. he was strangling Ara's neck hardly until Rena shot his hand and he let go of Ara and disappeared. Ara thanked us and requested us to accept her to join the team, we smiled and said yes. Soon, we went into the helicopter and were going to where I wanted to go all this time. But suddenly, I saw something that sent me down to sorrows and I felt pain within my heart................A..i..s..h....a...i..s..... here.........And with a..... Bat...........

                                                                                                                                                                              -To be continued

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