last gunnslinger

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   the gun shoot echos through the wind the sound of fighting stops and sounds like time froze. ''who do you think you are'' shouts angerly at the man standing on the rock holding a revolver up in the air. '' i am your nightmare your fear your death. i am going to be the one to bring you back to hell demon.'' the mysteris man pointed the gun at the man and shot him in the head. the brains splater on his fallowers.
   the silents broke with a girl screaming ''you shout my baby boy he was going to lead us after we wipe out you damn humans. now he is dead he was out last hope and now your going to be the next one to die".
   the gunslinger hoped down from the rock and took his hat off. it looks like he havent shaved in days his face fealt like sand paper. he had short black hair. wearing a black hat and trenchcoat he is packing 8 revolvers and 2 rifels. he pulled the rifel out of his holster and pointed it at the girl. "now hellspaw  if you keep yeli g ima gona have to blow your head off." the gunnslinger said calmly."fuck you human i listen to no one but me and my king the humans shall die".

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