Chapter 1: Introduction

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High school wasnt ever my specialty growing up, yet, i was a "goody too shoes" when it came to strangers and friends. Many would tease me and call me a pussy, but it got to the point where i was actually used to it (not that i liked it!). In my spare time, i would work at my local grocery store or play some video games since my social life was literally down the drain, but days like these, its pretty tough to live since Mom and I are the only people living in a beat up apartment with nasty scrapes on the wall. Without my job, we would be living in the streets, so i give 75% of my paycheck to Mom. Working too many hours is probably the reason why my grades were steadily decreasing over time... Putting in 50 hours a week over summer break is no easy task! Summer is coming by to its closure and I'm not sure how to honestly react to that, i could be happy since 50 hours of hell will come to an end, or i could be a pissed off camper knowing that my 11th grade year is about to take its course. Whatever the case, im forced against my will to finish high school. Isn't everybody though? I thought this was America...

School is tomorrow and i haven't even got my crap together! (Unfortunately i have the habit of procrastinating, just about the perfect match for a teenage student).

"Shit, i have to get my stuff ready for school..." i dreaded, " Man! Why cant school be optional? If i want to be a doctor, i don't think I want to name the presidents nor solve for x while trying to see how many apples Johnny has left!" I walked around inside my house in haste to ease my mind, or maybe I'm just unique in finding my own ways to get rid of anxiety? Who knows. I started to gather the new clothes i bought over the summer from my fat stacks of cash from working. Neatly, I hanged them in my old ass closet. "Working 50 hours a week sucks but the outcome of it is so dandy!" I couldn't feel any more better knowing i had new clothes plus some exotic kicks to show off at school! I kind of change my mind about dreading school... Same case happened to me before i entered the tenth grade, I dreaded the day before school but changed my mind about that since i knew I was gonna show off my new clothes and kicks the next day. Im not the only one right?

I knew i couldn't spend the last day of school not doing crap, so what the hell could i do? i lived in the city of Dan (Danville). A relatively small town where its easy to get to place to place. The small size of it was fairly convenient, it had my job, my school and a local park where me and Marvin would usually mess around at with some other homies there. Driving my beat up S10 was a waste of gas since everything was close by, so walking was my go to. It really isn't that bad! There is a city ten minutes from here where every crew would meet up at. Whether it be to hit the club, smoke, or even bang some hoes. Im glad i don't mess with that kind of mess. My best friend Marvin digs that kind of lifestyle, but i don't mind it as much. He never offers drugs to me because he respects my decisions. His parents never really tripped out about it since they think he ONLY smokes weed. >>>(NOTE FROM AUTHOR: I DONT WANT TO BRING WEED TO A CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC WHERE IT IS ACCEPTED OR NOT, IN CASE YOUNGER AUDIENCES READ THIS. WEED IS A DRUG JUST LIKE ANY OTHER SUBSTANCE WE PUT IN OUR BODY LIKE CAFFEINE AND TYLENOL.)<<< Can you imagine what kind of life it would be if i was like the jocks? God no! No thank you! I'll stick to playing video games and chilling with Marvin over the day.

I guess i can hit up Marvin... Hopefully he's alone at the house. His parents never liked me because of my color, which is startling since they are immigrants from Mexico (But that's none of my business!). Guess they never really grew out of their time period, but i never mess with them, i still keep my manners greeting them and asking for Marvin. Reaching for my Iphone in my backpocket, i dialed him up.

A few rings went by until he picked up,

"Talk to me,"

"Yo Marv! Your rents home?" I asked, praying they weren't home.

"Yeah bro... Why what's up?"

"Man, we need to hit up somewhere before school starts!" I was hoping they'd be out because of church. I guess they stayed home to be with Marvin for the last day of summer. Damn. Guess having a kickback is marked off the checklist.

"Word. Lets bounce over at Beezers! All the homies are there playing pool. Man we can all talk things out and see whats good on our schedule."

Man wasn't i glad he mentioned about Beezers! I was beginning to lose hope and even slip on my pajamas. Excited as i became, i carried on the conversation picking out some clothes from the closet. Man I don't know what i would've done if Marvin never came through. Most of the times, he is my go to. Literally! He hasn't let me down since day one! "Yo, no shit? Who's over there right now? Most of all, why the hell did they not invite us?"

Marvin laughed over the phone trying to catch his breath. "Yo! To be honest, I JUST got a call about ten minuets ago from TJ asking to hit up Beezers. I was going to show up at your crib anyways to see if you were down to go. All the dawgs are there man! TJ for sure, Ed, James, and I think he mentioned Andre too, I'm too lifted to even think bro! They wanted to kickback too before school starts. Get your shit ready by the way, I'll be there in 20 minuets after i smoke my J."


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