Chapter one: fairy rings

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They say if you step into a fairy ring that a fairy will grant you one wish,

The night had finally begun as Romano headed home. The fairy had been out all day in his beloved tomato garden where he ate and worked all day long. Romano was so ready to go back into his little home underneath a large tomato plant. Once Romano entered his small home he just flopped onto his bed and fell into a deep sleep.

That is until the screams filled his ears as he suddenly awoke from said sleep,frantic knocks hit his door quickly as the fairy fluttered over opening the small wooden door.

To see his friend Feliks breathless in front of him leaning in the doorway. "The hunters...they have overpowered the wizard and are capturing us. I have come to warn y-" the fairy had been suddenly grabbed by the rough hands of a human hunter.

As Romano watched his friend being taken away. "FEILKS !" the tomato fairy cried before realizing he had to save his brother. His stupid brother who was helpless like a human baby. Quickly Romano left his home watching it be destroyed as he beat his wings faster before the air from his lungs were suddenly knocked out.

As he was pulled back and into a glass jar. The jar was put into a pouch as soon as Romano was caught it was dark and musty. At the top were holes to let him breathe like some kind of bug.

Romano banged against the sides of the jar trying to get out but just tired himself out. Bitter tears begin to flow down Romano's cheeks "I couldn't save you Feli...I can't even save myself...." the fairy said as he wrapped his arms around his legs and pushed them closer to his chest.

As he sobbed until he heard a soft voice. "Ve~ fratello is that you ?!" Romano looked up "eh Feli is that you ?" Romano asked as he crawled over to the right side of the jar where he could faintly make out a small silhouette of another fairy.

"Ve! yes it's me Feli !...he looks like fratello got caught by the hunters too..." the other tomato fairy said with a tired smile. "Shut up ! they caught me because I went to go look for you !"

Romano snorted back at him as the pouch moved making the jars bang against each other. "Damn it ! what are they going to do to us ?" Romano said angrily. "maybe they want to be our friends fratello ! maybe it won't be so bad you'll see !" Feliciano said happily.

"Of course you would think that stupid they don;t want to be our friends. They want to use for their own reasons....don't you know humans are selfish animals that have no hearts and only care about themselves and their needs." Romano said.

When Suddenly they stopped moving both brothers stood still what was happening now ? As suddenly as they were dropped into the pouch they were emptied out and into a large box filled with others of their kind. Romano recognized Feilks.

'FEILKS !" Feliciano cried out waving to the dismayed blonde fairy. Romano waved undethustically...their jars were placed side by side next to the blonde fairy's jar. Before a lid was put on the box once again they were all left in the dark.

"Like you totally didn't escape even after I gave you the warning ? " The blonde fairy said with a smirk Romano just glared at him "no now shut the fuck up !...I wanna hear what those fucking humans have to say." Romano said as tried to listen. "Alright so tomorrow we'll sell all of them in the black market."...Romano's eyes turned into a saucers "We're fucked...."

End of chapter one. 

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