The interview and a day out (part 1)

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(Y/n)'s p.o.v

"I still can't believe you didn't tell me."

"Come on (S/n)! Lighten up! The place we're going to is a five star restaurant and besides, look at all the attention you're getting! You may even get a discount because you're so famous!" Tenshi was being the happy-go-lucky she always was. Hold on, I bet you're a bit confused as to what is going on so just let me back track to earlier this evening.

🕛🕚🕙🕘🕗🕖🕕🕔🕒🕑🕐Flash back🕛🕚🕙🕘🕗🕖🕕🕔🕓🕒🕑🕐

I had arrived back at the hotel room just as Ivala was opening the door to go inside.

"Ben tornato (y/n) {1}. Honestly I'm surprised you made it back on time." She smiled a closed eye smile as she walked inside. I followed in tow, closing and locking the door once we were in. "Did you find any interesting places?"

"Si, there was this cafe called 'cafe Bataille' and I think you would like it. Most of the people I met there had fighting type pokemon and the menu there even has special food and drinks for each individual fighting pokemon in Kalos. Oh and I also got this new trench coat dress. Do you like it?" I smiled as I showed her the (f/c) dress that I had been holding the entire time and she nodded in approval.

"You can wear that this evening if you'd like."

"What do you mean?" My happy expression disappeared and was replaced by a confused one.

"You don't remember? We're going out to a ristorante {2} for an interview and dinner. The gemelli are coming too. I already contacted the interviewer to tell them that they were coming and she is alright with it. Now, I suggest you wear your contacts and a bit of make up." Ivala answered in a motherly tone, leaving me still confused.

"Since when was this planned? Why are the twins coming? Who is this interviewer? Why are we doing this at a restaurant?" I asked going into my room and placing the dress on the bed. Then a terrifying thought crossed my mind 'What will Tenshi wear this time?! Oh Arceus I hope it won't be anything that would make people think she was (S/n)!' Sensing my uneasiness, Ivala reassured me that she picked out the twins outfits so Cliara was a little more lady like, and Tenshi wasn't going to get mistaken for me.

Looking at the clock which read 6:30, I figured out quickly that I had half an hour before we had to leave. I took a quick shower, washing my (T/h) (H/c) hair and got dressed into the newly brought (f/c) dress. After that I put on my contacts, which were (2F/c) this time, and applied a bit of mascara and lipstick. I put my hair back up into a high pony tail (Or left it down again if you have short hair), placed my nonna's {3} ring on my index finger, which had her initials and it was on my left hand. I walked out of the bathroom to see Tenshi, Cliara and Ivala waiting, all dressed up except Ivala only had her choker on.

"You look fantastic (y/n)!" Cliara complemented. She was a tom-boy and the youngest of her siblings. Cliara was also quite a strong pokemon trainer as she was part of the elite four back in Miyade, my home region. She wore a dark grey t-shirt with the kanji for God in black on it and a navy blue skirt which was mid-thigh. Her long blue hair was in a low ponytail and for accessories, she had one of Tenshi's chunky gold bracelets on her right wrist.

"You would look even better with a smile on your face, you know!" Tenshi wasn't really good at thinking about what she says before she says it. She was immature, feminine and basically the complete opposite of her twin however, like Cliara, Tenshi was also quite a strong trainer. She is the leader of the Haro city gym and specialises in electric Pokemon. Tonight, Tenshi was wearing a pink dress with grey, black and light grey floral patterns, it length was mid-thigh as well. Her red hair was out and she wore a golden cross necklace as well as some thin sliver and gold bracelets on her left wrist.

"Grazie mille per la tua opinione Tenshi. È utile, davvero {4}!" My sarcasm was literally over flowing from my mouth at this moment in time.

"Well, you're ready so let's get going." Ivala intervened and lead us until we got outside. I didn't even bother trying to hide from the fans curious and 'awe struck' gazes because right now, I was no longer boring old (y/n) (y/l), I was (s/n) (s/l), an Italian celebrity, going out for a dinner interview. That is what brings us to this moment.

🕛🕐🕑🕒🕓🕔🕕🕖🕗🕘🕙🕚Flash back over~regular time🕛🕐🕑🕚🕓🕔🕕🕖🕗🕙🕚

We continued to walk side by side, all the way to our destination. It was in an alley between Rouge Plaza and North Boulevard. I read the sign that was out front. 'Sushi high roller Huh?' We entered the seemingly boring place and it was magnificent! The floor was simple stone titles but at the corners of each tile, where smaller golden ones and the register was black with gold trimming. The lanterns on the wall behind where japanese styled and red.

"Welcome, Welcome, step right in! This is the one restaurant in town that'll really get you move you! Welcome to Sushi High Roller!" Okay, this place was off its nuts. The attendant on the register was way too enthusiastic about a place called 'Sushi High Roller.' "So what can I do you for? You wanna see what we offer?"

"We have a reservation with someone." I spoke up, trying not to sound like I was bored or freaked out.

"We only take reservations for important people mam." I was about to tell him who I was and what was going on but his employer came and interrupted me.

"You blind zubat! Do you not know who this woman is?! She is (S/n) (s/l)! Show some respect."

"Sorry sir! You too mam! Sorry I didn't realise who you were!"

"It's quite alright. I do look a bit different since I'm not on stage."

"I will show you to your table now. Your host is already here." The manager lead us to a table on one of the raised platforms to the left. There was already a woman there with her helioptile. She stood up and faced us. Her brown hair was styled weirdly in my opinion and but her dark green eyes matched it perfectly. She wore a t-shirt that had sleeves going down to her elbows and greyish pants. Overall, she was a beautiful woman, actually, any woman would be more beautiful than me. I hadn't noticed the manager had left already and the others started to introduce themselves.

"Hello! I'm Alexa, the interviewer for the Lumiose press. Thank you for coming tonight miss (s/l) and by the way, you look amazing." She stuck out her hand and I shook it with a smile.

"Please, no need for formalities, just call me (S/n) and I'm not that pretty but thank you anyway. Allow me to introduce my friends. My Lucario here is Ivala." I placed my hand on her back as she smiled warmly and introduced herself again.

"Pleasure to meet you Alexa, I'm Ivala."

"The happy-go-lucky, red haired girl is Tenshi."


"And the Tom-boy here is Tenshi's younger twin sister, Cliara."

"Hi!" With that, we all sat down at the table. I was closest to the wall, and was able to see across to the other platform behind Alexa, while Ivala was on my right, Tenshi on my far right and Cliara on my left.

"How about we order before going on with the interview?"

"Sounds like a great idea Alexa!" I said, smiling.

~End of chapter~

{1} Welcome back (y/n)
{2} restaurant
{3} Grandmother's
{4} Thank you very much for your opinion Tenshi. It is useful, really!

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