Names(not a chapter)

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Here are the names of some of the countries. I figured there would be a few newbees to Hetalia so here you go.
If I don't put the last name I'm sorry, tho you usually won't see a person's full name said.
Also, I'm sorry if I spell some of the names wrong, OK? So, please don't kill me.
I also apologize if I happen to get a name wrong. Please, understand that no one is perfect.

Germany: Ludwig
Prussia: Gilbert
Italy: Feliciano
Romano(South Italy): Luvino (I think)
England: Arther Kirkland
France: Francis
Canada: Matthew
America: Alfred Jones
Spain: Antonio

There are going to more of them than that but that is all I'm going to put for right now. They will be mentioned at later time. Please understand. Thanks and Adios!

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