Chapter Four, Nightmares and Comforting

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Corey's POV:
I never really fell asleep, I was just looking at Rowan. Wow, she is gorgeous. I decided to go on my phone then, I felt Rowan stir in my embrace so, I turned my phone off and tightened me grip. She then woke up and screamed
"Its okay, I'm right here" She calmed down a bit but, her breathing was very uneven. "You okay?" I ask "Yeah, I-I just had a bad dream" She whispered "Do you want to talk about it?" I asked, although I was kind of worried about what it was about. "Maybe?" she said holding out the be in maybe. "If you don't want to talk about it, you don't have to"
"I really don't want to"
"That's okay, I love you"
"I love you too" she says. We leaned in and kissed. Then the door swung open and Rowan got scared and fell right of the couch
"You guys are together aren't you?" Sabrina yelled "Yes, didn't you know it was going to happen" Rowan said. I laughed a little at her comment. Then I noticed her arm had hit the table bad and she was bleeding. "Rowan" sabrina said "Your bleeding" She helped Rowan up and went to roll up her sleeve "Wa-" Rowan tried to say. Sabrina looked at Rowan tears in her eyes. "Rowan?" She said "I'm sorry" Rowan said as she broke down in Sabrina's arms. As I started rubbing circles on her back "What's going on?" Sabrina asked.

-Sorry these chapters are so short. I started going through these chapter to edit them. I wrote these chapters when I was younger so that explains a lot. Trust me, the later chapters are better and longer. 

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