The White Wolf of Hamel

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We saw the waterfall there and I was curious that the mission said that it was already being conquered by the demons, but this was like nothing had changed! I went to see Red Ross, "Sorry Red Ross for my dark side to kill Penesio." He just sighed and said that I should just keep going forward and it will all be okay. I went to see Chung but all I saw was his destroyer. I heard a noise of bombs coming from a nearby area, I ran with my party to the area to check it out. It was a whole wave of demons outside the walls of Hamel, and Chung was blasting all of them till they all died. I went outside without hesitation and tried to attack the demons. Chung saw me and said hi, and blasted the demon in front of him without looking. I went back to see Red Ross to ask how did the demons appear here. He answered with a sad voice"I don't know, but at least I know that the demons have already drove Helputt like a madman! And worse, Water Priestess Sasha has been kidnapped by the demons And now, he's at the Halls of Waters with Ran, The Dark Earl!" After hearing this, I ran straight to the Halls of Waters with Rena and saw Ran sitting on his devil-looking chair, waiting for us. We also noticed the water priestess in a dark El energy sphere.  We clashed with Ran for a long time but ended up defeated, Ran looked into my eyes and whispered to me that we were to late. He was going to finish me off but Chung blasted Ran on the right timing. Me, Rena and Eve ran to find Helputt but we noticed that Helputt was in the Temple of Trials. When we reached Helputt's  location, he laughed and loaded his cannon with all of his artillery shots. Soon, the battle had begun, It was devastating and I was shot countless times. Rena and Eve were behind me attacking Helputt with ranged heavy attacks. I almost broke through Helputt's armor but it was fortified and was very durable. I failed to break his armor but managed to deal a heavy blow and dodge his next attack. At halfway of the bloody battle, Helputt fainted due losing control of the Dark El and  the waters from the drains were darker than before. I could hear Chung screaming while launching all of his artillery shots at Ran, "Ran! How could you, DIEEEE!" Chung screamed.Ran was badly injured, he dodged a few shots and disappeared into thin air. "Nooooooooo!"screamed Chung. More and more demons emerged and soon, we were outnumbered.We clashed all of them and managed to let all of the people of Hamel escape. But we received bad injuries and were defeated to the ground, but Add had came and sended us back to our base. A few days later, I woke up and saw Add looking at me curiously"Hey.. Uh..El..Sword, How hard it is to control the......D..a..r..k.. E..l........?" I looked and him curiously and asked"Why do you need to know, are you thirsting for its power? You better not, It may drive you mad!" I told Add. Add looked at me and said it was nothing. I went to the helicopter and went to begin our next mission, but Rena said that we were going to my paradise: seing Aisha!

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