1- How to Kill a Demon

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"You told me you'd save me... You told me, that I could get rid of them, all of them, for only 'a few favors,'" she sneered. "I could have had my life back, create it the way I wished. I've done all you asked, finished every task without question. But all you have done is create a monster... But that, I'm sure, you will regret in Hell....Loser..."

She snarled and turned around, her dark hair falling down the back of her blood-stained jacket. The now dead body of Jack Green was laying on the ground, blood pooling around the lifeless corpse, the dark substance dripping softly onto the concrete from her hand. The Iron she used to kill him was searing her flesh wherever it touched, but she smiled nonetheless; satisfied with her work. The Noirette dropped the knife on top of his body and left. She knew he would come back. She had merely killed his host body.

Her figure fading quickly out of sight, she ran.

It was a sharp two in the morning on a Sunday. The body would be found tomorrow, but no one would know if was her. No one ever did. Unless she wanted to be found.

This was her third day without any sleep. She never got sleep; not anymore that is. But then again, who could sleep after killing countless people?

Well, maybe some could. Mercenaries or assassins, for example. They learned to love their job. She hated hers. Hell, she hated her life. But it doesn't help when you have Nightmares every time you sleep. It doesn't help that you physically feel everything that happens in your dream when you wake up. That's the difference between her and any other person; when they wake up, their nightmare ends. Hers just keeps going, conscious or not.

Alive or not.

Her life was a living Hell, and honestly; she thought she was losing her mind. She had lost her soul, but she still had a bit of her humanity. It was the only thing that kept her from killing everyone who had seen her.


She had gone off on a 'spree' once. She had lost all control over her mind, and the demon took over. She had killed everyone, and Jack was the one that had pushed her over the edge. He took what she had, and he crushed it. Just like a bug. She went crazy; killing left and right. But due to her having certain.... Abilities as a demon, she was never caught. She wished she had been. Maybe then she could have stopped earlier. She went from killing only those who had hurt her to killing everyone in sight in a few mere seconds.

Her hair went from brown to black; her eyes from hazel to a deep, bloody crimson. They had never changed back, leaving her marked as a permanent demon. That was the first time she had lost control. And so far; the only time. She hadn't ever meant to hurt anybody, she just wanted her life back. She really was a nice person: but no one was willing to dig deep enough to find it.

Jack Green was an old Demon. She had struck a deal with him to make the bad things in her life go away. She had been abused by her parents until she had ran away at 14; only to be caught by Scientists who experimented new drugs on her. She got away, but only after the warehouse she was being held in caught fire. After that, she was found by a good family who took her in, but they never had known what she went through, of course.

 They were murdered only a year later in a shooting. 

She was then promptly taken by a group of men, but she had no idea who- or what they were. They tortured her as one of their sacrifices, until Jack came. He killed them with a whip of his hand, and she called him a hero. She has been doing his dirty work for over three years now; killing and stalking his victims. All in return for the death of those who had hurt her. He would teach her how to do it.

But what she did not know was that he had taken something from her, something that would end her life, yet save it at the same time. Something everyone had, but took for granted. It was nothing big. Merely the only thing that kept her in the human realm.

He had taken that from her, but she had plans. Plans to kill him. She never wanted to die, but she didn't want eternal life, either. She stabbed him with an iron blade that she had stolen from his latest victim. The iron burned her hand, but she smiled nonetheless. She dropped it on his body and walked off.

Raven was decently sized, about five eleven without her boots on. She was well built, a lot of muscle on her small frame. She had many scars that she preferred to keep covered with long sleeves, even in the middle of summer. She was pale with black hair and dark looking brown-red eyes; The kind that you would immediately look away from. They had pain, regret, and darkness locked into their gaze. She wore black gloves; much like what you would find at a masquerade.

 Except the ones at a masquerade never had blood on them.

Raven had a dark past; but never dwelled on it. No one looked twice at her in the beginning, but then they just ignored her altogether. She was alone and broken, like an old porcelain doll that no one could repair. But this 'little doll' had only one chance to save herself.

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