Part 1~Hello

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My name is Jody. I'm 14 and am currently single. I live in Colorado with my aunt and 3 cousins. I have black hair and blue eyes. Last year I was diagnosed with Major Depression. I am depressed for two reasons.

One. My parents died in a car crash about a year ago. They were coming to pick me up from my former friends Rebecca's house when a drunk driver crashed into their car and they died. My mom died immediately. A shard of glass went straight through her head and cut out a chunk of her head. My dad, on the other hand, lived through the crash and the ambulance that was called by a fellow driver came and brought him to the hospital. He had shards of glass stuck inside of his kidney and the doctors had to preform surgery on him in order to remove them. During the surgery one of the doctors messed up and accidentally killed him.

Two. My boyfriend at the time was my life source. He was the only thing keeping me alive after my parents death. One day I went over to his house because I missed him. I opened the front door because our relationship stated it was okay to come in with out knocking, and stepped inside while calling his name. I got no response. I thought he was asleep so I went to his bedroom. I started walking down his hall when I heard moans coming from his bedroom. When I arrived at his door the noises became more distinct. I recognized the girls voice. It was Rebecca. I opened the door to see him on top of her. I think you can tell what they were doing. I broke up with him that day and I've never talked to him or Rebecca since then.

My aunts name is Donna. She is 34 and is single. She has red short hair and green eyes. The oldest cousins name is Jonathan. He is 16. He has brown hair and green eyes. The second oldest name is Dawn. He is 13. He has red hair and blue eyes. And the youngest is Alex. She is 9. She has red hair and green eyes. Every one except for Jonathan and I are highly religious in our family. If it weren't for Jonathan I would of killed them all with a bible for constantly quoting the bible, telling me I'm not lady like, and punishing me for not going to church.

My school is filled with BB's (Bible bastards). Jonathan is the one who came up with the name BB. I'm sick of school. I get judged a lot for not believing in god. Who really cares though? It won't matter in the future. I'll be gone before I start giving a crap.

Yesterday was my birthday. My family tried to celebrate it but I wouldn't come out of my room. Once Donna, Dawn and Alex left I let Jonathan in. He sat down on my bed and looked at me.

"Why don't you want to celebrate your birthday?" he questioned with hes green eyes filled with worry. I sat next to him and put my head on his sholder. "I just don't see the point. It's a dumb holoday in my eyes." I took my head off of his sholder and looked at him. "Wha

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