Two weeks later— November 22, 2012


While on the plane back home, I couldn't stop crying. The fact that my little family wasn't existent as of now, but I hope Keenon is happy with Paige. After going home that night, I broke it off with Michael & moved in with Liyah. I knew with our babies being due within a few months, I had to find my own place. After touching down in Detroit, I waited with Q for our parents to pick us up.

"What's wrong Jai? You still on dat niggah?"

"No. I'm just so disappointed in his decision." I sadly expressed.

I could feel myself beginning to cry but I held back my tears as much as I could.

"Oh baby don't cry now. Stop dat shit Jai."

"Q, I gave him everything. I'm in love with him. I can't help it."

"Listen, you are a strong woman, you'll get through this okay?"

"I understand but why would he do this?"

"Jai, it probably wasn't intentional. Plus he was into you so don't make it seem like he was playin you & shit."
"Wow, where the fuck have you been for the duration of my fucking relationship? He cheated, not me. If he kept his dick in his pants, none of this shit would've even happened."

"Look, all you gotta do is quit stressin & relax. My nephew in there & if some shit happen to him, I'm gone blow yo shit out & his.

We both laughed as Q kept me warm. By the time we landed, it had already began to sprinkle snow & it truly felt like winter. 30 minutes later, I spotted my parents walking up to us. My somber like attitude overcame with joy once I seen my . I ran into her arms & cried like a baby.

"Mom! I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too. I love you baby."

"I love you too!" Q stated.

My mom took a good look at me & pulled me to the side. I was so excited to see her free & looking better than ever.

"What's up mom?"

"Jaida, where's Keenon?"

I stood there & swallowed the lump in my throat. I was scared to actually tell her the truth about us. I knew that question was coming, but it was needed to be told.

"We broke up mom."

"Why baby? I really liked yall together."

"Its a long story. I'm just ready to get home so we can get Thanksgiving dinner ready."

"Now you know its already done." She began to laugh.
I laughed too because my mom always got her cooking done days before Thanksgiving. My dad & Q grabbed the bags while me & my mom held hands. I felt an unusual feeling in my stomach. I tried not to make it noticeable but I couldn't help it. This pain was unbearable.

"Are you okay Jaida?" My father asked.

"Jai, what's wrong?" Q chimed in.

"I'm okay. Just have a stomach ache or something."

I seen my mom look at my stomach & back at me, but she never said anything.

The way home, Q & I texted each other. Seems like the only way we could talk without our parents knowing anything.

From Q: Are u ok?

To Q: No these pains in my stomach are killing me.

From Q: Shit we finna get u checked out den.

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