(Chapter 4) CLUBBING!! Part 2

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A/N So that's Alex. He won't dress all nerdy like tho. His name is Nikola jovanovic. So look him up if you want to. Just imagine him with a nose ring.

Kaylies P.O.V.

At that moment I saw Mikey talking to that slut from earlier. I sware he is going to kill me with jealousy. Only way to fight jealousy is with jealousy. So as KT dragged me to the bar I notice a Super hot guy sitting with his friends sipping a beer.

"Oooh...Hotness 4o'clock" Sierra just read my mind! We know each other so well.

"3 tequila shots with salt and lime please" KT orders our drinks.

"Good. We're starting weak." I mutter as my eyes won't leave the Gothic Greek God to my right.

"Kaylie stop staring. Your being weird." KT knocks me out of heaven.

"You and Michael are a thing. So don't let hotness get in the way." Sierra pats my shoulder.

"But look who's he's talking to now. That slutty Bitch is going to keep me up tonight." I say giving that Bitch a cold, hard, death glare.

"All right ladies. Here you go. 3 tequila shots with salt and lime." The bartender sets down the shot glasses and the salt shaker with 3 lime slices. KT ordered double shots...Great.

"Wow. I never thought Id see you guys here." Tori walks up behind us. She orders herself a shot so she can join us. Tori is way to young to be here..she 15! How did she get in?!? Ill never know. But I've known her to drink a lot when she has a bad time at home. I feel bad for her.

"YAY! Another buddy to take shots with! But wait. Aren't you to young to be in here." Sierra whispers the last part.

"The pancakes we're really good." Tori says our code word for when her family gives her a hard time. we all knew exactly what she was talking about and decided to take the shots anyways. I grabbed the shot glass and pressed it to my lips. Immediately chugging it. A split second afterwards I shake the salt into my mouth and grab the lime and bite it down.

"I forgot how good that is.." I mumble continuing the process 5 times.

"Hey...Chica's..you wasted..yet?" Calum mutters as he stumbles over his own feet to walk to KT.

"How much did you drink!!" KT asks as he leans on her arm.

"Three....BEERS! One...bottle..of vodka...mommy...I'm tired." He tries to stay awake.

"Calum. We have been here for twenty minutes and your already wasted.." she says thinking for a second. "Did you take a drink from anyone?"

" A nice girl gave me a drink..."

" If your thinking someone drugged him..it's a possibility. But who the fxck drugs a guy?!? Thats so stupid!" I say as we notice a girl staring at calum.

"Hey Bitch! Did you drug my man!?!?"KT yelled running up to the girl and punching her in the jaw. She's crazy.

"I didn't drug him! My friend did you crazy Bitch! She wanted to take him later! Go punch her! Ow...that hurt" The girl said holding her jaw.

"KT calm down. Cal's fine. Ill go put him in the car and we can all go." Tori said calming her down. She knows KT way to well. They are bffs even tho they are 6 years apart in age.

"Wow. Thats some crazy shxt right there. Your friend really likes that dude" The Gothic God said to me. I almost died staring into his deep brown eyes. He was really sexy with his brown hair tucked into a black beanie while his olive skin glistened in the clubs strobe lights. His nose ring was the death of me.

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