Today was the day I was gonna meet up with Jaida. I know I couldn't be late for our meeting. She's willing to hear me out about this whole situation.

Two & half months were far too long for us to go without talking. I went & hopped in the shower. The warm water grazed my stomach I began to think more & more about my past. I was so ashamed of what I did & how I managed to survive.

After getting out the shower, I threw on my sweater right along with my jeans & placed my hair into a bun. I grabbed my keys & walked out the door. There I see Keenon's brother Jayceon standing by my car.

"Can I help you?"

"Look I juss wanted to know if we could squash our lil beef & shit."

"Jayceon... No. I have nothing to say to you."

"Look Liyah, I changed. Hell we were young."

"Yeah but that doesn't change the fact. You crossed the line."

"Yeah but you was down fa ah niggah wen shit got real."

"Jay look, I'm a mother now. I can't do this anymore."

I got in my car & started the ignition. I looked up at him & fear became over my body again. I'll never forget what he did nor will I ever forgive him.

I didn't trust him at all. Especially not with my life or my child's.

Pulling up into the parking lot, I seen Jai's car. I was glad she didn't stand me up.

Walking in, I seen her sitting by the window drinking what I hope was water. Sitting on the opposite side of Jaida, I smiled while she stared intensely at me.

"Hi Jaida."

"Hello." She spoke in between sips.

"So where do I start? Umm I am so sorry for trying to get with Keenon. I was out of line for that and for hiding my relationship with Q."

"I agree. You know how much I loved him & you being the whore that you are, had to have him too, huh? Then you fuck my brother after I told you not to."

"Jaida, look I'm trying to apologize but if you're not gonna hear me out then we can end this right here."

"Don't fucking tell me what to do when ya bitch ass fucked my man." She yelled.

"I didn't fuck him. I swear on my child's life I didn't."

"Yeah okay. Liyah, I know you okay."

"Jai, you know what you hear."

"No I know what I seen over the past two years. You don't care about nobody but yourself. You know what, you are selfis–"

"I WAS RAPED OKAY!" I screamed out.

The whole resturant went silent as tears began to pour out of my eyes. I looked over at Jai & seen her crying. She came on my side of the table & sat beside me. Pulling me closer to her made it feel genuine.

"Liyah when did this happen?"

Trying to hold my composure, I dabbed my eyes with the napkin on the table.

"When I was 12."

"Oh God. By who?"

"My fa-father." I shakingly stated.

"I am so sorry. I love you okay?"

"I love you too Jaida. I missed you. I hate when we fight."

"Me too."

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