Chapter 20: Futures

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{Miranda's POV}
I get to the hospital and talk to Carrie's doctor and found out that she was going to be fine but they gave her some medication so she could rest.

Miranda: "What about Brad, Brad Paisley."

Doctor: "I believe he's still in surgery."

{Carrie's POV}
Wait why can't I wake up, why can't I move and why can't I open my eyes, oh god Brad, I hope he's still alive.

{2 hours later}
Miranda: "Carrie?"

Carrie: "What happened?"

Miranda: "You were in a plane crash."

Carrie: "Oh my god Brad where is he?"

Miranda: "He's fine, he's out of surgery and stable."

Carrie: "I need to go see him can you hand me my clothes please."

After Miranda left I changed and asked a nurse where he was, when I found his room I walked in and saw him sitting up.

Carrie: "Knock, knock."

Brad: "Carrie hi."

Carrie: "Hi, are you ok,"

Brad: "I will be once you kiss me."

I walk closer to him and give him a kiss. I then sit down and grab his hand.

Brad: "So..."

Carrie: "So...what?"

Brad: "Did you give any thought to my question?"

Carrie: "Yeah I did."

Brad: "And..."

Carrie: "Brad..."

Brad: "Look I know that it seems way to early to even think about marriage but things can change in a blink of an eye."

Carrie: "Yes."

Brad: "Yes?"

Carrie: "I can't believe I'm saying this but yes Brad Douglas Paisley I would love to spend the rest of my life with you."

Brad sits up even further and gives me a kiss and hug.

Carrie: "Why don't we just get married now I mean they must have a chapel in here somewhere."

Brad: "I'm gonna have to say no to that because I'm not the one supposed to be in the gown."

I laugh and give him another kiss.

Blake: "Ok Carrie I say this and I quote "Why don't you two make out in a closet like normal people." And it wasn't me who said that was it Care?"

Carrie: "Ok Blake I get it."

Miranda: "So are you two ok?"

Carrie: "Yeah, but I soon will become Mrs. Paisley."

Miranda: "Oh my god you're engaged?!"

Brad: "Yep."

Blake: "Hey congratulations you two."

Carrie: "Thanks Blake."

Thanks for reading everybody, and this is the first chapter without a cliffhanger, but don't get used to it I only did this because of GraceRasor . So I didn't, but pls keep voting and commenting, and thanks for following my story for this long and if you want something to happen in this story just tell me and I'll try to put it in.

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