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Elizabeth pov

He called me Juliet I cant believe it. It was cute and perfect in everyway I couldn't think of a better name, I drifted off to sleep with a huge smile on my face.
Time skip to morning

"Liz" I felt Jaime's kissing my neck as he tried to wake me up "hmm" I squirm away from him only to fall off the bed, he started to laugh and looked over the side of the bed "Babe are you okay" I glared up at him and smirked standing up and walking towards the bathroom, swinging my hips as I go "If you want to see if I'm okay I'll be in the shower" his eyes widen. He is about to ask something but I close the door and hop in the shower I get the water to the right temperature and start singing "So so what I'm still a rock star I got my rock moves and I don't need you, check my flow" I hummed it as I washed the shampoo out of my hair. I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist "Wonderful singing darling but I know a better song" I turned around to look at him and OMG he was naked I mean I've seen it quickly and it was dark but he was naked in front of me  like nothing covering his length which was hard as fuck i might add "And what songs that babe" I press myself against his chest feeling him press onto my core "Oh I think you know" he smirked at me god I loved that smirk "Oh really now" I return his smirk and slowly slide my hands down his body making him shiver "Yes baby" Jaime's growled as he pinned my hands above my head and started to kiss my neck. I moan as he kisses his mark which makes him growl and press against me harder, god I wanted to as close to him as possible and the only way i could think of to do that is to say it... "I'm yours".

Jaime pov

She said it she finally said it, letting out a deep growl I turned off the water and carried her to the bed locking the door and climbing over her. "Say it again" she smirked up at me running her hands down my chest "I'm all yours Jaime" god she sounded sexy but that was all the encouragement i needed. I kissed her neck running my hands along her body feeling every curve, she reached up and pulled me against her as she kissed my neck making it harder to stay in control. I groaned slightly causing her to claw at my back "Fuck it" I groan as I slide my manhood deep in her making her moan and arch her back pressing her even closer to me, I push her down onto the bed as i slowly move in and out of her "Why are you so tight baby" I groaned as I moved faster making her moan loudly and hold me tight. I don't know how she was able to but she somehow flipped us so she was on top "My turn now honey" she said in a really sexy voice as she moved slowly up and down teasing me like no tomorrow "Please baby" I cant believe I was begging her but holy fucking shit was it worth it, the way she went from soft and gentle to rough and hard in 3 seconds flat scared me but made me love her more.

After three or so hours and who knows how many rounds Liz was asleep on my cheat, the door was unlocked and her mum brought me a drink of water "Thank you Claudette" I said as I took the water from her, all she did was nod at me and smile leaving the room. Quickly finishing the water I ran my hand through Liz's hair and couldn't help but smile at how cute she looked laying there cuddled up to me asleep and to make it cuter she was drooling a little which she would deny in the morning "Sweet dreams Elizabeth I love you with all my heart" i whispered to her as i kissed her head and layed down next to her and fell asleep with the biggest grin on my face.


yes i am alive ive just been real busy lately so i hope you all like this chapter and feed back would be really helpful 

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