Chapter Sixteen- Exceptions?

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Okay, the chapter alone was 1, 012 words yet seemed so short to me>_< and BORING but I don't regret anything?...



Damon's POV-

I stepped onto school campus tired from the walk I had just taken, I walked over to my locker and checked my phone for the time. Alex didn't text me, nor had done anything to contact me.

I slammed my locker down shut and someone called my name. I turned to see Miles, I smiled to myself. I brought my backpack up my shoulder and gave his a gesture asking what he wanted.

"I need to tell-" the bell rang before he could finish and he rolled his eyes at the sky.

"I'll tell you later." He pushed past me and I felt very confused.

I shrugged, okay.

.......... (Lunch)

I took a deep breath and took In the moist air. Em, it's nice to be outside. I rose from the lunch table because Alex wasn't planing on coming anytime soon. Not that she was even here today.

"Hey Damon!" My head snapped back and saw Miles jogging slightly my way. I walk forward to shorten his way over.

"Hey." I replied as he reached me. Miles seemed to have his straight face on today, not much of an emotion, and I felt... Warm, tight, like how I used to feel around him. It felt nice.

"Alex ain't here?"

I brought a hand to my head and answered no, and he nodded.

"Well you standing here like a loner, so come on," He patted my shoulder hesitantly with a sigh and lead me to his little 'bad boy' table. Miles was a well nicish guy, I guess you were just fucked if you messed with him.

We slowly made are way to the table where I quickly noticed Blake, but there was some other guy I didn't recognize. I sat down and Miles went along sitting right next to me. This is going to be awkward...

The boy quickly noticed me and extended his hand with a smirk,"Well this is new, I'm Dominic." I shook his hand and smiled. He held his hand there for a moment and I saw his eyes drat toward the other side of me and he let go.

"Oh I see your the one claimed by the alligator," He said with a smile on his face.

I looked at Miles confused to see him glaring at Dominic.

"Dragons aren't real stupid and your not a snake," Dominic said as if he was reading Miles mind, he shifted his attention back to me,"Blake here's a bear. And me? Well I'm a bad ass lion."

I was utterly confused but everyone else seemed to now what was going on.

"Um okay."

"But it all good alligator, I got my tiger John so." He shrugged, and that's when I noticed another boy sitting on the ground legs extended, next to Dominic, and his back to me. He patted the boys head and the boy ignored him, now John looked familiar. But I couldn't get a good look at his face.

After awhile I found Desiree but decided to leave her alone and stay here. Well this is fun. I turned my attention to Blake and he seemed to be checking out every girl that passed by.

"Looking for a girl," I asked.

His head turned and he shrugged,"Something like that."

Well if he was, he seemed pretty picky about it.

"Hey," Blake brought his attention back to me,"if you can't find the most perfect girl what do you do?"

His question for some reason took me back, I guess you could say it related to what I did and there was only one answer,"make the perfect girl "

Everything went oddly quiet and I didn't dare look at Miles.

"Hm, I like that, I think you right." He thought nodding his head,"thanks."

I shrugged.

"Your a Sting Ray!" Dominic suddenly shouted. I jumped back surprised.

"excuse me?"

"Wow Miles, damn, I see you like underwater subjects." Dominic announced.

"No I don't think so." Miles glared.

"Yes, don't worry, this is good." Dominic said impressed.

Miles only groaned annoyed giving Dominic some sort of look.

Dominic jaw dropped."you haven't told him?" Dominic asked, now confused himself, he pointed at me.

Miles frustratingly grabbed my arm and dragged me away from the table. Well that didn't last long. Dominic waved goodbye with an unsure look on his face.

"Look Damon-" the bell rang interrupting him for the second time today and he groaned. I just took in that he was a good inch or a half taller then me. I think a good inch.

"I'll tell you after school, we have that punishment thing right?"

I nodded.

I was growing quit interested on what he had to tell me. Was this so he could reject me properly? Or turn me down because he liked a girl? Or has one?

So I waited impatiently till the two periods ended. The Principal had us rake the leaves off the ground. Guess she was starting to run out of ideas.

"Um about the ques-"

"Yes. About that," he scratched the back of his head. He raked the ground weirdly and then held his raker up again.

"Um, just because you like me does that mean you can like girls too?"

I looked at his surprised,"um maybe if I find an exception, yes I probably would date a girl."

"So just because you like a certain group you think you could have an exception in the other?"

I shrugged,"I guess."

He smiled and scratched the back of his head again. He seemed nervous.


Was this really good or end up being really bad?

"So if you did have exception would you consider them, maybe as a friend?"

"Probably because there probably special to catch my attention being in the opposing group and all." I answered thoughtfully.

"About last night..." Miles randomly added,"I didn't think this when we were in the car at all." I only nodded to him.

"It was when I was weird and all..." I nodded again,"I kind of decided.... That you were my exception?"

Confusing? Weird. I'm not sure on this chapter ....

QUESTION OF CHAPTER SIXTEEN: what do you think Damon's animal is?




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