Sex? [16]

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Emily P.O.V

This is getting ridiculous, I'm so done with it Renee! I don't even like her she is annoying as fuck. Like serious please cancel my subscription to her issues. I've never really liked the girl but now everything she does beings to annoy me so much. She needs a high-five, In the face with a chair. She has come between Ali and I. I said that Ali had been a bit funny for a while, well I finally figured out the she is pregnant with Noel. Ali and I went out for dinner and I told her everything about Renee and she told me everything the doctors. I don't understand why we can't be honest with one another it really does hurt me more than she knows but I can't say anything because I'm just the same.

I am currently at work and I have five minutes left and I am about to talk to Renee and there is hardly anyone here so I guess it's the perfect time. Renee- Hey baby

Emily- Stop! Renee I have had it with you, you and your little side comments and actions. I told you from day one that I had a girlfriend so why act upon it? I've been in love with the girl since 7th grade and nothing will ever change that at all. You don't have the right to come between us at all! Stop trying to make me fall for you it's not going to happening, I'm going to ask her to marry me one day and nothing you do will change that okay! So just stop and leave no one likes you here at all. And i know someone sent you here for money. I would never go as low as you. So just leave pack your things and cut this act out soon or else you will regret it!

I hadn't noticed that I was shouting all of that and I didn't notice all four girls come into the Brew.

Hanna- Someone's on her period

Ali, Aria, Spencer- HANNA!

Hanna- What! I'm just saying what we are all thinking.

Ali, Aria, Spencer- HANNA!

Hanna- Sorry!

Ali- That was hot baby

Emily- I was only being honest babe, and she was getting on my last nerve so I told her to fuck off.

Ali- I'm so turned on right now.

Hanna- But remember you can't have sex because Em is on her period.

Aria, Spencer- Hanna!

Ali- That's never stopped anyone before.

Aria, Spencer, Hanna- Ewww

Emily- She is just kidding guys, Calm down!

Hanna- Just imagine that all bloody hands.

Aria- That's enough, Emily go get your bag and we will go to the grill.

Emily- Okay give me a sec.


After we arrived home I was so horny, I wanted Ali so much that I couldn't make it upstairs with her."Ohhhhh Em" She squirms. "Faster!" Her wish is my command. I rub her so hard that it makes her go insane. "Cum for me baby!" Just after I've finished with Ali, I get up to get a glass of water from the kitchen. Ali wraps her arms around me "Hmm Babe we should have sex more often" She whispers seductively in my ear. Ali slides her hand down into my pants and sees how wet and she runs her finger across my entrance then takes it out and puts it in her mouth, She smirks and leaves the kitchen to go to the bedroom. Fuck! It's going to be a long night

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