Snuggles and Duvets.

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This chapter is dedicated to LadyCobra94 because we were skyping  today and she gave me all the ideas for Your POV. Thanks again LadyCobra94!!

Gerard's POV

She left me. Y/N left me. All alone. Sitting on the sofa thinking what the hell I did. I didn't see Grown Ups. Not my fault. But she just left. I heard her room door slam and I thought, great Gerard, just ruin another possible relationship (coz I like her. Duh) coz you haven't seen a film. It's how all the rest ended. Hadn't seen a film and she left me cos she had nothing else to talk about. So I ended it. ( A.N- please not the sarcasm. This is not true he is being sarcastic,!!)"*Sighs* why do all my possible relationships end like this. Suddenly I hear Y/N's door open and slam again and small feet outside and a gentle knock on the door. Y/N.

Your POV

You crept in to only be met by a whimpering Gerard." What's wrong Gerard?" You ask quietly.
" I thought you didn't like me." He said.
"ONLY KIDDING!!!" He shouts and encloses you in a tight hug. Perfect. Just perfect. Cuddling with Gerard in duvets about to watch GROWN UPS. You nestle you head into his warm chest and sigh. "Are you ok down there?" He asks with a smile.
"Yeah just relived I didn't lose you.... You know... As a friend." You say quickly adding on the last bit.
"Yeah." He sighs. You hear his heart rate slow down to a relaxed beet. "Are you gonna put it on?" He asks. You smile. 3...2...1.......WHACK!!! You knock the air out of him bashing him with a pillow! "I thought gentle men did things for ladies." You say in your best posh accent. "Well my darling Elizabeth Bennet, you could have just asked." He replies, also in a posh accent. In no time at all he has jumped up, grabbed Grown Ups out of you hand and slid it into the DVD player. You snuggle into your duvet and fall into a deep sleep with the sound of Gerard's soft giggles.

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