Chapter 8

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Miley's POV

Once the doctors put me back in the room I silently cried. I didn't know what to feel. Happy, Sad, Terrible. But I just couldn't take it anymore.

If Shannon had told the cops about my dad. I'm pretty sure he would get his way out and torser me more.

I wonder where Justin was ? Is he worried about me ? No, Miley do not think like that. He's probably somewhere with Selena.

Justin's POV

I was not sure if this was Miley's house. But I went to the door anyway.

I keep knocking on the door. But no one was answering. So I twiced the nob. And surprisingly it was opened. So I walked in.

"Miley ?" I yelled

"Miley !!" I said once again.

I walked around and saw the living room, she wasn't in there. Or in the kitchen,dinning room, or all the other rooms upstairs. I was about to walk out when I thought of something. I didn't check in the basement. I can still have hope for finding her.

So I was walking down to the basement.

The first thing I saw was blood. Blood was everywhere. Well not everywhere but you get what I mean.

"Miley !!!!!! Miley I swear if this is your blood, then you better come out now."

"Please Miley, I need you." I said just above a whisper.

Miley's POV

"What happen Miley ?" Shannon said coming in worried. Running to the hospital bed I was in.

"Shannon you do know if my dad goes to jail, he will find his way out, and find his way to me like he did yesterday.

"Miley you don't have to worry about this."

"Yes I do. You just don't understand."I told her.

"Miley explain to me how your dad 'found you'. Because I know you weren't at your house if he 'found you'. "

"Okay Shannon I will tell you something only me and like probably 4 other people know."

"Okay here goes nothing......." I said.

Justin's POV

"Scooter she's not here." I told Scooter. I called him and asked him to come. I was nervous.

"Justin calm down. What if that's not even her blood."

"Scooter we don't have time to play a 'what if' game."

"I think the best thing to do would be to call the cops."

"Yeah. That's a good idea. Scooter I'm just.......worried. I know we just meet her and all but I don't know it's just-" Scooter then cut me off.

"I know Justin. It feels like you have know she's okay so you can go back to doing what you gotta do."

"Yeah, that."

"Justin I think your in love."

Miley's POV

When I had told Shannon about meeting Justin she got a bit crazy on me but she did calm down after a few minutes.

But anyways we are currently in the hospital room watching TV waiting for the doctor to come dismiss me so I can leave.

"Okay Miley you can leave we have everything sorted out."

"Thank you." I said with a smile.

"No problem. And I heard that someone had called the cops on a house that had blood in the basement. Like a lot of blood. But would you guys happen to know where this is."

"What's the address ?" Shannon said nervously.

After she told us the address we fell in complete shock. That's my address. Shannon called the cops on my dad. Not my house.

We were then out of the hospital on our way back to my house. So we can find out who was at my home, how they got in, and why check in the basement ?

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