The War

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 Our first Warrior is one who shows a brilliant light. The second Warrior, the one who shows stealth in shadows. The third, one who will show destruction, and the fourth, the one who will guide. There's one more, like a rose she will appear with dangerous thorns around her. 

   "So, it begins."

   "Gathered, you four are the ones I have chosen for this battle against the greatest enemy of all." Snowkit declared. A gray cat emerged for behind the pile of stones. 

   "I am Greystripe." 

   "Hey, so Spottedleaf." Spottedleaf turned to the puny Tigerclaw. "So why did you and the others come back?" She sighed. 

   "Originally it was to help with the battle. But it seems we came for no reason, at least we get to live again."

   "Everything that once was will be no more." Snowkit mewed. "I'm sorry everyone, but everything we knew, has changed. Now I am a messenger now, the Dark Forest has declared war against Starclan. Sorry to say this but, I am bound by the Dark Forest." Stormfire's eyes widened. "It seems that your are Starclan's warriors. The first Birdclaw, the one who shows guidance. Molecloud the one of great destruction. Stealthheart the one who shows great stealth, final Stormfire. You show a brilliant light."

   "Snowkit." Stormfire looked at Snowkit in worry. 

   "Let it begin." Snowkit mewed. The ground shook, and behind Snowkit emerged thousands of corrupt cats and other animals. 

   "Firestar." Snowkit grinned. "Bring them to the forest." A giant black tom on fire emerged.

   "Yes." The clouds in the sky swirled. 

   "Snowkit, you have to snap out of it!" Snowkit glared at Stormfire.

   "You are my enemy, you will die." Stormfire's eyes widened as he felt something pierce his chest. "Goodbye." Stormfire's vision blurred, he began to see a lighter place. Peaceful, bright green trees, amazing roses. 

   "Stormfire, the one who forgets will face something that has happened before, but to-" He was back in the battle, Snowkit had a abnormal grin, it seemed physically impossible to have a smile of that size. 

   "Stormfire, let's play a game." Snowkit's smile only got bigger.                                                            


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