You assaulted a guard but you really just tripped and fell on a guard but no one believed you


You stole extra food and therefore sentence to the lockup until the age of 18 where you would be floated


Your a grounder so you have no crime apart from helping the sky people.


You had an older brother on the ark and even tho your family tried to hide you the guards found you when you were 14 and locked you up in the skybox


You kill a man unintentionally. He was harassing you so you punched him a little too hard :/


You were Octavia's un-identical twin sister so you had been put in the skybox they same day she was.


You have been locked up since the day you were born. Your mother is Abby Griffin and she is a member of the council as Abby and your dad already have a daughter named Clarke you were sent to the skybox to grow up


You had been helping Monty and Jasper with stealing herbs to create illegal substances and were sent to the skybox with them


You were put in lockup for trying to help Murphy escape and see the outside of his cell for once but you were caught

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