Her nickname: Princess, since Bellamy called her that you started to do it to just to tease her but it stuck much to her annoyance

Your nickname: Babe, it's cute and simple


Her nickname: Grounder, shes tough and acts like a grounder

Your nickname: Gorgeous, when she first met you she thought you were gorgeous but instead of saying it in her head she said it out loud and you heard. She called you that from that day forward


His nickname: Bell, your the only one who's aloud to call him that apart from Octavia and he loves the way you voice makes it sound

Your nickname: Bambi, as a grounder you did not understand why Bellamy called you this. He told you that it was a children's book back on the ark and if he could he would try and find you a copy from the wreckage so he could read it to you.


Her nickname: Soldier, no matter what happens down on the ground she always soldiers through it

Your nickname: Love, she thinks it adorable the way your blush when he calls you love


His nickname: Hawkeye, you read this comic back on the arc about the superhero hawkeye and so because Lincoln was great with a bow you called him it

Your nickname: Gona, it's grounder for warrior


His nickname: spacewalker, even though your the only one apart from his ex raven that knows he didn't really go on the space walk you still love to call him it

Your nickname: Mcstaresalot (mc-stares-a-lot), the reason Finn calls you this is because when you first met him you couldn't keep your eyes of him so he call you Mcstaresalot just to joke but soon stuck.


His nickname: my hero, one day you were out in the woods when a grounder attacked you, throwing you against a tree causing you to hit your head. The last thing you saw before blacking out was jasper killing the grounder. The next day when you woke up you called him your hero and have ever since.

Your nickname: baby, he got the flu one day and would yell out "babyyyyyyyy" every 5 seconds until you came to him, it would annoy you so much but you love him and so the name stuck.


His nickname: Handsome, he will always he handsome in your eyes no matter what.

Your nickname: sweet-cheeks, he said it one morning when you woke up and it just stuck.


His nickname: Murph, you call him that because you say it takes too much effort to add the y

Your nickname: Bela, it's Beautiful in Portuguese and as one of the ark stations were Brazilian Murphy was able to learn some of their language and he thought you were the most beautiful Person on the ark so he decided to call you it from the day he met you when you were children

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