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When I opened my eyes, it was a Monday morning. I had spent most of my Sunday sleeping and texting Liam; those two things always helped to keep the dangerous thoughts from entering my mind. I pulled on a pair of ripped jeans, and a black tank top, not even bothering to brush my hair which always seemed to be wavy, no matter what I tried to do with it. Hopeless.

When I got to school, Mazzy and Wendy speed-walked over to me. Their enthusiasm was hilarious.
"So?" Mazzy asked me. Wendy jumped up and down, ready for a whole story.

I explained everything to them in detail as we walked to our first class, which was Biology. They kept on cracking up.

"Dude, Liam honestly seems like a nice guy!" Wendy told me, a big grin on her face.

"He does, doesn't he?" I said, catching her smile which was contagious. Wendy was gorgeous, she had long curly brown hair with diamond eyes.

"Speak of the devil." She said, and looked past me down the hallway.

Liam stood a few steps behind me, leaning against a locker, his hands in his pockets. His dark brown hair was shaggy today, as if he didn't touch it after he woke up. He wore a t-shirt that framed his muscles so well.
His light-skinned, muscular arms suddenly seemed to turn tan and lean as I stared at them...those same tan, lean arms that used to comfort me and feel so good around me...

"Well, you might as well just drool right now." Mazzy said to me, sarcastically.

"You know I don't like-like-like him!" I said to her, raising my arms in defeat.

If they only knew it wasn't Liam I was drooling over.

Her and Wendy looked at each other and both said "Lust."

"Maybe. No. It's Nothing." I said, very disbelievingly. It can't be lust if I don't want Liam's body...

We entered our biology classroom, and everyone seemed up and about, sitting on the tables and looking way too relaxed for class that was about to start in 5 minutes. My friend Ashley walked past, and I stopped her.

"Why is everyone all hyped up?" I asked her.

"Mr Remmy isn't at school today!" She cheered.

Yes! No biology teacher = free period. My friends and I made our way to the back of the class, and sat down on the tables.

"Don't look now, but Liam is looking at you." Mazzy said, raising her eyebrows.

I didn't dare turn around, and I crossed my legs firmly so that I didn't move.
Wendy laughed at me. "What??" I asked her.

"Why are you crossing your legs? Are you turned on?" She cracked up.
Mazzy giggled.

"Whoa Layla, calm those hormones! Unless you want to do a practical on raging teenage hormones." She burst out laughing.

"Guys! I am not turned on!" My cheeks turned extremely red.

"Oh, he's coming this way!" Wendy ducked away, getting up to leave. Mazzy got up too.

"Layla, you shouldn't be so tense ! " Wendy said loud and clear.

"Yeah, loosen up a bit." Mazzy added, before her and Wendy burst into fits of laughter.

I sat there, not daring to look back. I was also holding in laughter! Liam soon entered my line of vision, sitting on the table pushed closely to mine.
"Hey." He smiled.

"Hey!" I greeted, trying not to laugh.

I looked at his fingers which then led me to looking at his arms again, and they started turning was happening again.
My heart skipped a beat.
This never happened to me so vividly before! I didn't know what was making me see things...Liam shared no common resemblance with him...
Liam snapped his fingers in front of my face, snapping me out of my day dreams. But that didn't work. His blue eyes were now a soft chocolate-caramel...

"Screw this!" Was the last thought that entered my mind as I slowly lost my self-control.
I got up, and dragged Liam into the storeroom directly behind us. I shut the door. And met the caramel eyes with mine. That was the last thing I saw before I lost myself in his kiss.
I needed to feel. This was the only way I could feel! And hell, I felt amazing.

"Layla..." Liam's voice almost brought me back to reality.

"Shut up." I told him. "Don't talk to me, I don't need your words." I don't need you either. "I only need this!"

I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him to bring him closer to me, and his hands went around my waist, pulling my body against his. Those arms were around me once more. I envisioned them being tan and so sexily lean. I felt safe. I felt alive. I bit his bottom lip, just how he liked it everytime we kissed...


I opened my eyes, and just like that, he disappeared. And in his place stood Liam.
I pulled away from him, apologizing.

When I stood back, all of Liam was just...Liam. My stomach sank, and I didn't want to be there anymore. I felt sick, and my heart ached.
The bell rang, and I opened the storeroom door.

"Gotta go." I told Liam, flatly.

"See you later." He smiled.

"Yeah. Maybe."I told him as I left.


The day blurred past, and with every passing second, I felt the need to kiss Liam again. If my imagination could make Liam him once, then I could do it again. And this had never felt this real before. I was walking towards the school exit, about to go home but hoping I'd see Liam first. Just to test my theory. I saw the light of the exit from the corridor I was walking in, and someone leaning against the huge doorway. Sure enough, it was him. I walked faster, my heart rate racing.

"I was waiting for you." He said.

"I'd like to recreate this morning's scene."

Me too. He had no idea!

There was no one else in the corridor. Liam stepped away from the doorway and closer to me, and grabbed me around my waist. He pushed me against the wall. He was actually taking charge! My mind went crazy. He always took charge. In that moment I was so happy. My mind questioned me one last time, before allowing me to proceed. Was this him? No. But I could pretend.

I put my hands around his neck and pulled him closer to me, so we were both pressed against the wall. I ran my hands down his chest. And as soon as my lips met his, I lost it and started kissing him hard, not giving a damn. I pulled away and lightly bit his lip, without a complaint. I slowly surfaced as the sound of people coming the hallway brought me back to my senses. This time when I pulled away though, the crashing of my heart down to the pit of my stomach was even worse. I said my goodbyes. I know that I was being crazy, but for a while I actually believed that I had him in my arms once again. But it wasn't him. It felt so real. Liam looked pleased. If only he knew that every time I kissed him, it wasn't him I was kissing.

My memories were resurfacing. This was bad.

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