Chapter 9- Finding the truth

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Michelle POV
As soon as I see Riley I go to tell her.
"Riley wait!"

Riley POV
I don't know why Michelle wants to talk to me but it must be very important.
"Michelle, what's wrong?"
"Riley, I know what happened to your birthday. Beth did it! She sabotaged it...."
I can't believe it!
"And the worst part is that......"

Michelle POV
I hesitate now. Do I really want to tell Riley about Emily? They can have a fight....
"What is the worst thing Michelle?" Riley asks.
"Ummmmm, that she is dating James, but you knew that..."
"Ok, I'm gonna go talk to Beth right now!" Riley says and leaves.
"Michelle, is it true? Beth sabotaged Riley's birthday?" James asks.
Ughhhhh, he heard the whole talk..
"Where you spying on us?"
"I asked you first!" He says.

James POV
I can't believe Beth would do this! I thought she changed! But she is just the old Beth!
"You know what, don't answer! I'll go talk to Beth!"
I leave.

Michelle POV
Right now I don't know what is happening! The drama has gone too far!

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James: We are done!
Beth: But....
James: I don't want to listen to you!
Riley: Beth, just admit it!
Beth: Fine I did it! But your sister helped me too!
Riley:You are not my sister anymore!

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