Chapter 4

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"This should be the last one," said Jennika as she placed a moving box onto the light carpet floor of her dorm.
Besides the skeleton of Jennika's bed and tons of boxes, there wasn't much in the small room.
"Dang, well I have no idea how your roommate is ever going to fit her stuff in her," I said as I observed the little empty corner.
"Well, hopefully I won't have a roomate, I heard roomates this year were optional since there's not a lot of students living on campus, so I'm praying that I don't get a roomate." Jennika said as she untapped a box labeled "random ish". Classic Jennika. When we went to school together years ago she labeled everything, her lunch bags, her pencil pouches, every single marker and pen had her initials on them too.
We spent the next few hour cleaning the room, hanging up picture frames, and decorating the room.
"This room looks so tumblr," I said as I stood back and admired our work. Jennika's room was the definition of tumblr, her furniture was a nutral grey, and she had accents of gold, red, orange and a chocolate brown.
"Oh, I bought this cool oversized scarf-blanket-thing to hang on the wall beside the bed, saw it in a YouTube video looked super cool," Jennika said as she rummaged through a box.
Ah yes, YouTube, Jennika's second home.
"The box isn't here," Jennika yelled frantically as she dumped over a few boxes.
"What box?"
"The box with new decor, dang it, the only box I really cared about and it got lost in the mail," Jennika cursed as she kicked an empty box.
"Hey, calm down, maybe they delivered it to a different dorm, or a different building."
"Or...THE DUMB MAIL PEOPLE FREAKING LOST IT." Jennika yelled and she punched a decorative pillow.
"Okay, well how about I go search around for the box, and you stay here and chill out." I said already getting up from the floor.
"Fine." Jennika said as she huffed a few strands of her hair out of her face.
"Okay, just stay calm and try not to kill anyone." I say right before I slip out the door.

Losing one box is a lot harder than you'd think. Also, why do dorms have so many stairs. I about died going up the third flight of stairs. Going through the first dorm building took me much longer than I expected. With everyone wanting a selfie with "Jeremy Dalton's" daughter the process of finding one box took forever. After aimlessly walking around I got the bright idea of going down to the dorm "center/office".

As I walked through the doors of the dorm office, the strong scent of instant coffee and cheap makeup instantly filled my nose. The lady sitting at the front desk looked as if she hadn't slept for days, nor done anything with her hair.
"Hi, I'm Viveya-" before I could finish my sentence she inturputed me.
"Oh my gosh I know you!!! Your dad is like crazy rich and is super hot, right?" Said the lady, instantly her face went from looking 50 years old to looking 30, which was probably closer to her actual age.
"Umm...I guess." I said nervously shifting from one foot to another.
"Welcome to UCLA, I didn't really think Dalton's daughter would go to a place like this." Said the receptionist as she adjusted her red cat-eye glasses.
"I'm not actually, but my best friend is. Anyways," I said quickly before she could inturput me, "she had this package that was supposed to be delivered to her dorm, but I guess maybe the UPS got the wrong room or something."
"Well you're smart for coming down here to ask, we track all the mail and packages that goes to dorm studnets." She said smiling.
I gave her Jennika's information and described what the package should contain, something maybe labeled "new - tight decor".
"Oh yes it was delivered a few days ago," she said squinting at her computer screen. "Oops, looks like they accidently delivered it to room 208 in the boys dorm instead of the girls. You'd think that after years of experience they'd read the packages more carefully." She huffed and gave me a slight smile.
I thanked her and went on my quest to find the missing box.
The instant I walked into the boys dorm I realized that I made a huge mistake volunteering to find the box.
It was even harder to navigate through the endless mess of boxes, matresses and hot guys shirtless moving furniture.
I tried not to notice the prey like stares all the guys were giving me, some whistled at me, others yelled stuff like, "hot mama coming through."
Room 208 was on the second floor, and in the exact same place as the room in the girls building. The door was closed so I gave it a light knock.
And an extremely hot guy opened the door.
"Can I help you miss Viveya?" He asked in a low and ruff voice.
This guy was Hot. With a captle H. He was the definition of every girls perfect guy. He was tall, blonde and clearly ripped, but not grossly ripped. His messy dirty blonde hair was styled to perfection and his blue eyes could pierce anyones soul. Was he made in a lab? And HE KNEW MY NAME!
"H-hi," I stutter, "I think my friends package was accidentally delivered to your room." I said trying not to stare at him as if he's a unicorn, (which he might as well be).
"Oh yeah, it's an absolute mess in here might take a few minutes, wanna come in?" He asked as he opened the door for me to come in. It was more of a demand than a question.
His room smelled of cologne mixed with fresh laundry. His room was identical to Jennika's, two small windows and two tiny doors where the closets are.
In the small room there was queen sized bed fully set up, a small white desk with a laptop and a beanbag chair by the window.
Boys are so minimal, I thought, but messy. The room was covered with clothes, books, pens, and all types of other things.
"At first I didn't realize that this wasn't my box, so as you can imagine I was quite confused when I opened the box." The hot guy said, as he was digging through a pile of boxes.
"Who knows maybe you have a secret fetish, where you love girl tumblr decorations." I said laughing, "totally joking." I add, maybe this guy didn't have a sense of hunor, better to be safe than sorry.
I hear him laughing, as he retrieves from the graveyard of boxes with a box that was marked "new-decor" just as I had predicted.
"So, you said this was your friends box, right?" He asks as he still is holding on to the box.
"Yes, that's correct, she's the one that goes here, I'm just helping her move." I say.
"Oh that sucks that you aren't going here, this university lacks some smart and beautiful girls." He says as he finally hands over the box.
I blush and at this point I'm positive my face is as red as a tomato.
"I'm sure there are plenty of those girls on campus," I say trying not to take the praise, which usually I would from any other guy, but this clearly wasn't just another guy.
"Doubt it, oh and hopefully I didn't creep you out that I know your name and that you already have your AA degree at 18." He says, now he was the one blushing.
"Well, the fact that your extremely attractive makes up for it." I wanted to slap myself, what did I just say, why am I so stupid. "Okay well I guess I better get-" but before I could finish he inturputs me,
"Hey there's this party tonight. If I didn't totally blow my chances with you by being creepy, maybe you'd want to meet up there and get to know each other a little more?" He asks sticking his hands into his black Nike joggers.
"Yeah, that'd be great." I say relived, at least he didn't think I was stupid.
"Oh and invite your friend too."
"Will do," I say and head for the door.
"Oh wait I didn't give you the address of the party, wait, actually I don't remeber where it is exaclty, how about I get your number?" He asks as he pulls out his phone.
"Yeah, that'd be fun." I say as I reach out for the phone but due to his shaking hand he accidentally dropped it.
This guy I swear, you'd think someone as hot as him would never get nervous in front on any girl.
I gave him the number to a texting app that I had, I rarely gave out my real number, I mean who knows he might leak it to the Internet.
"Oh wait," now it was was my turn to ask him a question, "what's your name?"
"My name is Colton."

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