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--Royalty P.O.V--

"Babe she here cause her daughter up there with kennedy"i say carson nods

"Oh ok well hi erica"carson says erica giggles

"Hi carson u look good"she says carson blushes

"Mama cali crying"ka screams carson smiles walking away

"Well unless u was leaving her here have a seat get comfty"i say she nods sitting

"Baby get jada and kaci out of the tub"carson yells i head up the stairs carson stood there and walked away when i got there i get them out getting them dressed

"Cali just stop"carson says with a giggle i chuckle i lotion them up and get them dressed khadi walks in with courtney and destiny she gets them dressed and lotioned up as i play with her

"Stop"she squeels laughing

"Khadi wats the baby"i say she laughs andd shrugs

"I dont know yet kam"she says with a laugh

"Kam get that diaper please"carson says i hand it to her she smiles

"There growing up"she mumbles

"She ca-cant fit this anymore"carson whispers and sniffles i laugh

"Carson quit crying girl we gone have more"i say she laughs

"No she can grow"she says i laugh picking kaci and jada up carson had cali and khadi had courtney and destiny

"DJ and kj"janiah says running after them i laugh as i sit letting jada and kaci down

"Daddy"kaci squeels with a smile i smile kissing her lips she giggles

"U no no daddy"she says putting her finger in my face i act like im biting it and she laughs hard turning red

"No daddy no no bite"she says i smile

"Yes jada come here"i say she walks to me

"Daddy"she says starring at me i kiss her lips she giggles

"No kwisses"she says putting her arms behind her back and leaning in i peck her lips

"Nooo"she squeels doing it again she giggles

"Tanks"she says and climbs in my lap i smile

"These yours to"erica says i chuckle and nod

"They look like u"she says with a giggle i nod

"Daddy mama said give me money"kj says with a smile

"No she didnt"i say

"Uh huh"he says i laugh

"Stop lieing kj bring calis seat over here"i say he nods scooting the bouncey over here i pick her up she smiles i sit her up on my lap holding her neck she smiles reaching for anything

"She yours to how many kids do yall have"erica says with a laugh i chuckle

"6 this cali kaci and jada ka, kennedy and kj my only boy"i say she giggles and nods

"Thats cute they look just alike there twins"she says looking at kaci and jada as they beat up cory and shay helps

"No there not jada mines"i say she nods

"How u been"i ask her she chuckles

"Ok i guess"she mumbles i slightly nod

"Look u can come to me for anything erica so wats wrong"i say scooting closer she smiles

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