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SJ and serenity in the media

     It's been two months since me and Domo blow up this weekend was SJ birthday and I wanted to take my kids to Disney.
      I had shy talk Domo into agreeing to go. After a week she agreed. I think she was only going cause Shy and Eddie was coming on the trip.
       When we got to the hotel room she was mad that there was a two bedroom room.
     "If it makes you happy you can have the bedroom I'll sleep with the kids".
     She looked at me still nothing. She wasn't speaking I looked at shy and she shrugged her shoulders.
          "Man this trip Ima get some ass from shy". Eddie said as we chilled on the couch. "Shit you probably will shy his a hood bitch a easy hood bitch".
     "Um good so what you going to do about Domo"? I shook my head "she still pissed I fucked up man ".
     "You tell her you kicked Mila to the curb"? "Nah she won't believe me everything I do is wrong and a lie in her eyes ".
        "You better fix it nigga I heard she talking to other nigga".
      I sigh was about to say something when SJ comes walking to me smelling like a dead animal .

     "I need a diaper". Vegas says coming into the room where me and shy were. "Ima go unpack I'll see yawl later " shy said before leaving .
      "Here " she said I smiled finally I heard her sweet voice. "Serenity is still asleep and SJ ...." "I'll put him to sleep" she said cutting him off.
      "Okay um I'm call room service to bring up some food anything you want "? "Anything you get will be fine". She said He nodded then left the room.
      We was making process she was talking to him again.
      The food came and once I came out the room the three of them were eating. "I called shy she didn't answer" Vegas laughed "what"?
       He feed SJ "I don't think she'll be answering if she with Eddie if you know what I mean".
     I sat down and shook my head wasn't fair this bitch was getting dick and the only Nigga I'm with is my lying ass cheating ass baby daddy.
       "Mommy and daddy I want to go to the rides " serenity said eating her food. "Tomorrow "Vegas said . "Mommy I want another baby brother". I nearly choked on my food.
     I looked up at Vegas and he was dying laughing.
     "Wait what"? "SJ getting big he not a baby baby no more mommy".
     "Ask your daddy maybe him and his Thot I mean girlfriend could have a baby".
     "Daddy what's a Thot"? He looked at Domo "daddy does know and for mommys info daddy isn't seeing that lady anymore".
       She took a bite of her chicken "hmm lying again". She mumbled Vegas shook his head "come on kids lets get ready for bed mommies being mean".
      I finished my food then went to the mini bar and grabbed a bottle of red wine and sat in the bathtub listening to some Tink.
       Red wine sure makes you horny lord ......

     I was about to fall asleep when I got a text from Domo. She wanted me to come I n the bedroom to ask me something.
       I placed pillows around SJ so he wouldn't fall and then went into the master bedroom.
      Walked in the lights were dim. "Domo" I called out.
      "Behind you" I turned and my damn shawty was ass naked .😍

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