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Fullname Sora Haninozuka

Nicknames Senpai, Sugar

Gender Female

Age 16 - 17

Birthday December 15th

Nationality Japanese

Religion Umm...

Birthplace Genoa, Liguria, Italy

C/L/I Japan with Honey-senpai

Languages Japanese and Italian

N/L Italian

R/S Single as a Pringle (S.A.A.P.)

Height 5'8"

Weight 117lbs

Figure Slender but "Juvia-sized" *cough* *cough*

H/C Golden/Dirty Blonde

H/S She has Renge length hair and it's in a half-up-half-down style with a white lily keeping it up

E/C Honey Brown

S/T Normal

Tattoo's NON

Piercings Ears

Scars or Birthmarks A white lily in between her shoulder blades

Clothes When in ouran, the normal outfit but she dyed it a soft pink. Flouncy light pink blouse, white leggings, gold flats, gold chain necklace with a pink quartz and pink rim sunglasses that are almost always perched on top of her head.

Accessories A white Lily in her hair, like a bow on the back of her head

Smoker? HECK NO

Drinker? HECK NO   

Drugs? NOPE

Addictions Savory treats

Allergies Wool

Disabilities No

Mess NO

Personality She has sweet and regal personality. She is very kind. Defiantly Regal

Likes Savory treats, her friends, Kaoru

Dislikes Not much...

Fears Being unhealthy

Fav Color Gold, Soft Pink and White

Hobbies Baking, Flute, Sewing, Martial Arts

Vehicles Car

Omni, Carni, Herbi Omni

Fav Food Mini-Strawberry Shortcakes with whipped cream

Fav Drink Jasmine Tea and Hot Cocoa

Hated Food Rotten Food

Hated Drink COFFEE!!!   

Home? She lives in a "Palace" in Genoa, Italy

Who? When in ouran, with Honey. When in Italy, by herself

Special Belongings Her Lily

Level of Education Advanced

Job A Regal Type Hostess

P, A, or H-and-H Peaceful

Magic? Yes; The Magic of a Host

Weapons Staff

Weaknesses Hand-to-hand   

Strengths Weapons

Parents? Alive and no contact

Siblings Honey

Partners The Club

Spouse non

Children NON

Best Friends The Club

Pets Ichigo

More on everything else later!

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