Batman lover

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Lauren P.O.V

I woke up to a call from Normani at 7:05. It's Monday and school starts at 8:00. "Hey mani there better be a good reason you woke me up this early I still have 20 more minutes till I have to start getting ready" an exhausted Lauren said in a raspy voice. "Hey laur, will you take me to school today please my cars in the shop." She asked... "Yeah let me get ready really fast I'll be over in 10."Lauren said..."alright but why so soon Lo?" As Lauren has her on speaker she throws on her black Metallica t-shirt and her black high waisted pants with a black jacket, doc martins, and sun glasses."why else Manibear were getting Starbucks duh" ...... After I hung up the phone I grabbed an apple and headed to my black jeep. As I was about to get into my car I saw Camila Cabello my neighbor since I was 6 and she was 5. *FLASHBACK* LAUREN! My mom called for me to come meet our new neighbors the cabello's. Lauren came from the living room to the front door to greet the new family. Lauren be polite and say hi to Mrs.Cabello "Hi Mrs.Cabello, I'm Lauren" she greeted. "Hi Lauren meet my daughter Camila" Mrs.Cabello told her "Hi Camila wanna play?" Lauren asked "YEAH!" Camila said enthusiastically. "Let's play princess"Lauren said "I call PRINCESS" Camila said "whatever you want to be camz:)" Yay so Lern you're the princess.... Save me" Camila said "I always will" Lauren said in a loving way. *END OF FLASHBACK* I got into my car and headed to Mani's house.

*5minutes later*

I pulled up to her house and texted her.

To manibear🐻: come outside :)

From manibear🐻: okay I just have to grab my softball bag

"Hey Mani took you long enough", she said in a sarcastic way "sorry I couldn't find my pants" she said "it's alright let's just go to Starbucks I need it,it's to early for this.


5 mins later Lauren and Normani got out of the car and went inside to order their drinks. Lauren ordered a venti Carmel ice coffee with extra Carmel and when the cashier asked what her name was she said her name was "daddy". Then Normani ordered a Trenta strawberry refresher when cashier asked for name she said "queen"

*2minutes later*
Daddy!worker called out as Lauren walked to get her drink. Queen! She walked out as Normani walked up and said "yeah that's me no worries your queen is here" in a joking way. Then they headed off to school. They arrived at 7:30. (8mins from school)

Camila's P.O.V

At 7:10 I walked out of my house and saw Lauren going to her car she looked at me smiled and said hi so I recipricated. Right after Lauren drove off Dinah walked out from next door (my best friend since I was 10years old)...she knew about my crush on Lauren since we were in 6th grade when I decided to tell her I always liked Lauren from the moment we met. We started getting ready to leave in my black and red camero. We drove off listening to Beyoncé drunk in love till we arrived at school we only lived 5mins away. I started walking to Lauren's locker to meet her so I can carry her books to class for her we had all the same classes accept she took art and softball and I took piano and was in harmonizer I always followed Lauren and helped her with homework when she needed it we aren't close like we used to be when I moved next to her but at least I get to talk and be around her. I always have Dinah with me and Normani is always with Lauren so Dinah always flirts with Normani. Since we're all juniors now we have more things to take care of and do so Dinah always helps Normani if she needs help and sometimes we'll meet somewhere and the 4 of us will all help each other in every class because we all have the same classes accept Dinah and Normani have harmonizer club with me and Normani Dinah and Lauren play softball. Oh also our mutual friend ally has the same schedule as me.

Lauren's P.O.V

Manibear and I arrived to school and we walked in and say that camz and Dinah were there waiting for us to carry our books. I've like Camila since the day she moved to my neighborhood. She will always and forever be my princess and I'll be her "prince" I will always save her. Camila was wearing her black pants with her batman t-shirt with batman converse and her batman backpack with her hair up in a high pony tail topping her outfit off with a batman bow.shes always loved batman she has so many batman items necklaces hoodies bows shirts bracelets and other stuff. Whenever I see anything batman I buy it all the comic books and little items because it reminds me of her and one day I'm going to give her everything I've bought her and write her a note in telling her my feelings for her.i also draw and paint batman logos and little things remind me of camz. I wear a batman onesie to bed that has a cape on it because it makes me feel like I still have a part of Camila when I at home wishing to be near her and hang out with her. I wish and wonder every night to be able to go in her room and see how it looks like what she has on her walls pictures of family and when they were younger.i started walking to Camila and she was eating a banana talking to Dinah.when they saw us Dinah went straight to talking to Normani. So Camila and I were just standing there looking at each other. Camila said she liked my outfit and that I look beautiful.the. Looked down started playing with fingers and I noticed she was nervous so I said I love her outfit.and she said thank you. "thank you Camila" I said "what for?" Camila asked "for always complimenting me and always carrying my things for me can we get close like we used to be I miss how we used to be when we were little what happened?" I said "yeah you're welcome I would love to get close with you"Camila said happily "hey I was wondering if you'd want to hangout with me today after school and help me on an art project?" I asked " yeah of course just text me when you get home after softball okay?" Camila told her " alright thank you I'll just go to your house when I get home and we can start." " Alright" camz said. "Can't wait" camz said as she winked starting to walk to our first period as the bell rang.


Camila's P.O.V

it's 5 and Lauren texted me 10 mins ago saying she's taking a shower and then coming over so I rushed and cleaned up a bit and jumped in the shower and threw on some batman sweats and a matching hoodie and I brushed my hair and put all my homework away because I finished it all.i went down stairs to get a drink and a banana.then the core bell rang and I started to panic a bit. "Just breath Camila" I said to myself. I went and answered the door and Lauren was waiting there with a duffle bag filled with paints and a canvas and art supplies. I greeted her "hey laur come in" "hey camz so wanna get started?" Lauren said "yeah but do you want to something to eat or drink?" I asked "yeah something to drink would be great" Lauren said I grabbed Lauren a water and I led her up to my room. We walked in and she set down her things and set up while I was going to the restroom when I came back she was looking around my room.

Lauren's P.O.V

While she was in the restroom I started looking around and say her batman posters and saw her Christmas lights with pictures of her and her sister on Polaroids and her and Dinah. But she had lots of girly things different from what she wears at school. Other things than batman. Ed Sheehan things the 1975 and other items. "You're room and just you are so different from what you're like at school" I said " yeah I'm a geek at school but here I show my other side because at school I just show my geeky side not this side" camz told me " why don't you show this side?" I asked "I don't show this side because I call it the geek theory if we are really friends or whatever you get to see the other half of see people judge me because of what they see not my personality and if they judge me on just what I look like I'm not going to show my full self." Camz said "well that makes sense I like both sides of your camz" I said "thank you" she said

Camila's P.O.V

alright so let's get started what did you have in mind to do for your project? "Um I wanted to do it on batman because I see you love batman and it's something I've always wanted to ask for you to help and give me ideas on" She said "alright so you should do an outline of batman with Minnie symbols around it and paint batman black the backroad red and the symbols's that?" I asked "yeah perfect thank you so much can I do it here so we can talk while I do this and if you get more ideas you can help me?" Lauren asked "yeah" i said
"Alright so what's your favorite fruit?
~what have you been doing since the last time we were close?" She asked
"Well my favorite fruit are bananas, I sing play piano and guitar, and I've gotten more into batman been with Dinah my best friend carry your stuff around spend time with my family and spend most time with Sofia my sister or Dinah." I answered what about you what have you been up to? I asked Lauren " well honestly I'm glad you carry my stuff I love you being around me I always buy a collection of things when I go out and I've been playing softball and doing art" she answered

Lauren's P.O.V

Well I finished it how does it look? I asked "it looks great that's amazing" thank you so I lied it wasn't a project I just want to spend time with you i miss how close we used to be I owe you so much for helping me in everything I'll pay you back so I promise and here you can have what I just made" I said " thank you  but you don't have to pay me...." I cut her off and said I know I don't have to pay you back but I want. Since its only 6 do you want to watch a movie or something or go out to eat? I asked her " yeah let order pizza and watch a movie. She said " we ended up eating the whole pizza and we watched the fault in our stars it just ended and her parents came home with her sister and I told her I had to go it was 8 and we had school. " I'll see you tomorrow camz" I said " bye I had a great time can we do this again? She asked " yeah of course tomorrow?" I asked yeah she said alright bye camz ...... Bye Lo. She said as I got into my room I dropped all my stuff and went and out my batman pajamas on and got a box filled with batman stuff for her ready to give to her tomarrow....everything will work out perfectly......

Thank you for reading love you
                                                               Forever & Always,
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