Sparks Fly

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Just keep on keeping your eyes on me
It's just wrong enough to make it feel right

And lead me up the staircase
Won't you whisper soft and slow
I'm captivated by you, baby
Like a fireworks show

...I see sparks fly whenever you smile
-Taylor Swift, Sparks Fly

M a r r a

6:00 AM. Monday.

Finally, the first day of senior year. I got up from bed and looked at my ceiling. Don't rely on other people, because other people suck. That was the first thing I saw as I looked up. I decided long ago to fill my room with poetry and lines from my favorite books. Somehow, in my bad days, they seem to comfort me.

Today is going to be different.

After breakfast, I changed into a navy blue skater skirt, a white blouse with sleeves cut on the elbows, and of course, a pair of white Keds detailed in blue polka dots. Mom left for work earlier than me but she left me money for school at the kitchen counter with a note that said: Be brave. Love, mom. I like it when she leaves cute notes like this every morning. Simple words from her and it changes my whole mood. Huh, cheesy.

I stood outside my home, waiting for the bus. I wasn't like those rich bitches in movies where they already have fancy cars to drive to school. So I'd just wait here for a few minutes to get to school and start my senior life.

Walking down the hall to get to my locker, I tried to appreciate the silence and the cleanliness of the hallway. Early morning hallway. This is what I like when I arrive at school early, no bitches, no jocks, no bullies... just the comforting scene of an empty, lonely hallway. Loneliness is nice, it's peaceful.

This is it Marra. Senior year. Guard your heart, be a brave girl. You'll make it, you'll make it out ali-- "Gwen."

A hand rested on my shoulder.

"Hey." The owner of the hand said. I backed away slowly and collided with a locker door. "Can we talk?"

"No." I said with a firm tone in my voice. If he couldn't understand this, he must be a retard.

He inhaled deeply and let out a loud, heavy sigh. He looked at my eyes furiously. "Come on, Gwyneth. I want you. I want you back!" He stood only inches away from me and his arms got me pinned against the locker door.

"Leave me alone!" I tried to sound as furious as his voice.

He hit the locker door with his fist so hard that it startled the hell out of me. "Don't you understand? I said I want you back!" This time, he held my arms against the door.

God, help me.

"Stop this, Kurt! Help! Help me!" My screams got muffled as he covered my mouth with his calloused, strong hands. Be brave. I heard my mom's voice in my head.

"I'm not gonna let you get away." His brown eyes blazed with fire, and this was just the second time I had witnessed his blazing brown eyes. I knew what it meant, I'm not gonna let that happen again. But he was so tall and strong and he seemed immovable. Heavens, don't.

My thoughts raced back to the first moment I saw his eyes like that. They were so intense, and so passionate that it scared me, but there was also something in there that kept me looking at it. There was fire in his eyes, a fire that could melt the ice in mine. I knew better than to give up and let him take me again, but there was no way I could escape his grip.

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