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Fastfoward to present day I am now an adult and so is dillion. I can tell you that my stealing days were never exactly over. I sto
le here and there but I couldn't help it. That doesn't compare to my first job with Dill. I wanted to rob a gasoline store with my bro. He was of course very skeptical but he came around. I had previously stolen some weapons that I can use for the job. Ain't I a stinker? Black masks on, and guns loaded. I kicked the door in and pointed my gun at this white dude in the counter, I swear he was crapping himself. As I yelled out to put money in the bag I brought, I heard Dills voice crack out of being nervous not taking it seriously I put my gun down and
started making fun of him. Bad move, when I wasn't looking the cashier pulls a rifle out and prepares to put one between my eyes. I noticed too late what would happen. Before I could react Dillon, YES Dillon. He shot the cashier right in the head. The look on his face said it all. He was traumatized and obviously needed some therapy. To try to cheer him up I said something withen the lines of "Cant say I'll miss him, oh well come on Dill we gotta go before the cops arrive"! " How come you're so calm I just killed someone", said Dill as I was driving. I've seen too many dead people too many times.that shit ain't affecting me. I offered to split 50/50 but he declined the cash and locked himself in the room. More for me then. That whole scanndel was crazier then Donald Trumps hair. It was sick, and there's only more on the way. All I've gotta do is not die. Not a difficult task right?

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