I can see you

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Hyorin was you only friend that you were still close to and your only support since you parents past away a few years ago. Since you had finished your rehearsal you went to go visit her and you went inside but she wasn't there. "Hyorin Hyorin ash...jinja...Hyorin?".

You ran up stairs, checked all bedrooms you even checked the bathroom and you realize all lights are on except the kitchen and living room as soon as you enter you received 2 messages saying "Hey it's me Hyorin where are you i'm at your house? and I can see you!" and a bottle was smashed on your head. 

An hour later... You had woken up finding your self lying on Hyorin's bed with Hyorin "(YOUR NAME)! (YOUR NAME)! (YOUR NAME)! are you okay? What happened? What's with the message?" Hyorin was so confused just the way you were.

Then it clicked "Wait... what message I never even said I got a message?" You gave a confused look "I'm talking about the one that's ether written with blood or tomato sauce? um... it's probably tomato..."she started to mumble words. "Hyorin! focus" you yelled at her "ah... opps sorry anyways look" she pointed on a wall which said " Tell Suzy watch your back or else... So young"

"What the hell So young... Do you know who she is? even if you do how does she know that I live here... Ash... What to do?" Hyorin tried to hold her tears but she couldn't. You had hug her and say "don't worry she won't hurt anyone if she does she will regret everything"

Hyorin stop crying and asked you "What was the message about?" You explained everything to her while trying to hold in your tears. "Ash what the hell, like why does she have to do this to you and (YOUR NAME) talk to Bomi about what is happening maybe then..." You interrupted her "Anyio and sorry I am going to talk to Suzy and So young about this! And if So young tries anything funny oh just wait and watch..."

"So young you may have won the battle but you didn't win the war!" 

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