Chapter 3

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Patrick's POV

We walked in, grabbed a cart, and started throwing food into it. "Soooo, how many people are gonna be at the party?" She started.

"Not too many people. Just you, the guys, and a few of our friends."

"Cool, so we probably don't need all his food..." Hanna said giggling.

"Honestly, I don't think this is enough," I joked. This was going well, I wasn't stuttering. I don't want her to think I'm a big idiot that can't speak.

Hanna's POV

Patrick and I run around the store throwing regular food and vegan food for Andy into our cart. Patrick's a really nice guy. I mean, I've only known him for a few hours, but still... He's seems like a really great guy and he's really cute.

We kept walking around the store, making small talk, when I saw the chocolate milk in the fridges. "OH MY GOD CHOCOLATE MILK!" I exclaimed like a child. As I turn around, I see Patrick looking at me and silently laughing.

"Hey! Don't judge me. I may be 19, but I'm still a child at heart," I exaggerate by holding my hand over my heart and leaning against a refrigerator door. "Not judging at all," he says and smiles at me. His smile makes me instantly return it, it's contagious.

We decided that we had enough food for the party, so we paid and left. When we got back, the boys were still playing video games. As soon as Patrick and I walk upstairs, we set down the groceries and walk over to the guys. They weren't paying any attention, so I went over to the electrical outlet and pulled the plug. Right when I did that, I was given a death glare from the three. Because I was scared, I rushed over to Patrick and hid behind him. As soon as I did that, the others started laughing. I looked up at Patrick and he smiled at me while blushing. He's so cute, I think I'm starting to really like him.

Patrick's POV

She looked up at me, I smiled, and started blushing... Great, I like her.. Just when I thought I couldn't get any more awkward, I put my arm around her. I've had this burst of confidence since she went shopping with me, that's a good sign I guess. Just then all the guys stopped laughing and started saying their ooo's and ahh's. She smiles and blushes while I blush even harder.

As if god had decided to answer my prayer, the doorbell rang. I quickly ran over to the door to welcome our friends. Pete kind of planned this party... So I didn't know exactly who was coming, but he assured me that he'd know who everyone was. I opened the door to see Brendon, Sarah, Meagan, Marie, Tyler, and Josh.

Hanna's POV

Well, this is great, I'm surrounded by people I don't really know. So, the social anxiety should be happening any moment now. The only people I have right now are Patrick and Andy. They all come upstairs and start greeting each other. I didn't really know what to do, so I started putting out food for them.

After I finish putting the rest of the groceries away, I'm greeted by a really tall guy with brown hair. "Sup, I'm Brendon," he said with the biggest smile I've ever seen. "Hi, I'm Hanna. Uh, Andy's sister."

"Oh cool! I didn't know he had a sister, nice to meet you."

"Thanks, it's nice to meet you too. How long have you been friends with the guys?"

"Almost a year now, they're such an amazing group of guys, you?"

"Less than a day" I mentioned laughing a little.

"Oh, that sounds fun. You should come hang out with us instead of being cooped up in the kitchen."

"Uh.... Ok, sure," I said smiling. When we walk out of the kitchen, Pete is sitting next to a girl having their own conversation. Same with Another girl and Joe. Aw that's adorable. Brendon runs off to tag along with Andy and a girl and some other guy. Okay then, bye forehead man.

I walk over to Patrick and he's talking to a guy about music, I think. While he's talking, I decide to walk over and stand beside him. The guy he's talking to glances at me for a second, then lets Patrick finish his sentence. After he's finished, the guy turns to me. "Hello."

"Oh, Tyler, this is Hanna. Hanna, this is Tyler," A smiling Patrick says. I love his smile more than I need to. "Cool, nice to meet you Hanna," he says while sticking out his hand. I shake it and he excuses himself to go use the bathroom. After he leaves, I ask Patrick to tell me who was here, I also mentioned that I'd met Brendon.

Apparently, the girl with Pete is named Megan, the girl with Joe is named Marie, and the other guy and girl with Andy and Brendon is named Josh and Brendon's girlfriend, Sarah. Patrick and I talked for a while about music and other normal stuff until we somehow got on the topic of relationships. What was weird about that was the fact that I wasn't really nervous when I was talking to him. "So how many people have you dated?" He asked curiously.

"No one, actually. So 0 people."

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me, right? How have you not dated anyone?" He seemed surprised for some reason. Personally, I feel it was pretty damn obvious.

"No, I'm not really good at talking to guys. I just get really nervous when I talk to anyone I don't really know or feel uncomfortable with."

"That's kind of hard to believe considering you're talking really well to me."

"Yeah, well... I guess you're an exception," I said smiling. All he did was smile really big and was about to come closer to me, but Pete decided to yell for everyone to go into the living room.

Patrick's POV

Was I seriously about to kiss her? I sigh and Hanna and I walk into the living room.

Everybody is sitting in a circle on the floor and Pete smiled at me suggestively, this can't be good.

"Welcome everyone, now that we're all sitting in this circle, we're gonna play a little game called truth or dare." Pete said with a grin. Oh god no.

"Really Pete?"

"Yes Pattycakes." I glared at his use of that nickname. I hope this doesn't get weird, but knowing Pete and that look he gave me, I'm guessing he's planning something.

"Okay Patrick, you first. Truth or dare?" I knew my safest bet was going to be truth, so I went with that. "Truth." Pete smiled and gave his question, "If you could kiss any girl in this circle, who would it be?"

"Dare," I tried.

"I dare you to answer the question, and since you switched your decision, you also have to kiss the girl you choose." God, Pete is such a dick. I looked at everyone, sighed, fumbled with my hands, and quietly said, "Hanna."

"I'm sorry, what was that Pattycakes?" Pete pried.

"Hanna," I said exasperated. Hanna turned to me and blushed. I looked to Andy and he was smirking a little bit. I bet they were all in on this. "So, now that you've done the truth part of your turn, now you have to do the dare part."

"Pete, no." He looked at me confused. I don't want her first kiss to be because of a stupid, and rigged, game of truth or dare. "Patriiiiiiick," he pried.
"I said no," I concluded. After that, I stood up and walked in to my bedroom.

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