Chapter 24 The Hike

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The car ride was extremely awkward, and I felt like Ethan was going to kill me the whole time. He kept glaring at me. He made Bella sit in the front, and he sat in the back with me. This made things a little worse, especially because we spent almost an hour in that car. It was a nice car, though. Comfy seats.

Turner was all cool, but it seemed that if I said the wrong thing, Ethan would kill me. I mean, I saw what he did to that Alec dude. But that Alec dude deserved it. I don't really think I do, because, well, she kissed me first. Which was amazing.

I smile out the window. Everyone was talking about cars or something. Her lips are really soft. Like silk. Softer than silk. She was a great kisser. Which makes me wonder how many guys she's kissed. The voice in the back of my head growled. He doesn't like the thought of her kissing anyone. I have to agree with him.

The car stopped and I looked up. We were at Bella's house. I didn't say anything as Turner announced that we were hiking in the woods behind their house. We all got out and started around their house, but Turner turned back and called out, "Hey, Bella! You coming?" I looked back to see her shake her head as if to clear her mind of the things she was thinking of. She jogged up to us and we continued down down a path overgrown with weeds.

We walked single filed, Turner, Bella, me, and then Ethan. He stopped continuously glaring at me, but if he saw me looking at him, he'd glare. It was, honestly, hard to not look at how sexily Bella's hips swayed side to side as she kept up with her oldest brother. She had nice wide hips that were daring me to touch them.

We stopped at a small clearing with a tree house in the middle of it. I remember this place. Except, the last time I was here, it was dark, so I don't remember any of the features of it. It seems smaller now that I see it in the full light of the day.

I looked around. Turner had disappeared. I found the nearest tree and leaned against it. A few minutes later, Ethan sighed and climbed up into the tree house. There was muffled talking and then it went silent. Bella looked over at me. She had the cutest expression on her face. It was quite obvious that she was confused. I slightly shrugged.

There was a gust of wind that blew Bella's hair back. I was down wind of her, and her scent -milk and honey- hit me. My roommate went wild. Shut it, I hissed inside my head. There was another gust of wind. I had to get out of here before I lost control. "Um. They are probably waiting for you, and you should get your cute butt up there, but I hope you don't mind that I have to go." She looked at me with those green eyes that made me want to fall to my knees. She nodded, "'Kay. I'll see you tomorrow at school." I smiled and she smiled back. God, she had a gorgeous smile. I really need to go now.

I nodded again, and turned back down the path towards Bella's house. I need her to think I'm leaving this way. "Oh, wait. Do you want a ride back?" Bella called back at me.

I turned back at her and smiled, "Nah. I need the exercise any way." I said slapping my abs in a joking manner. Truth be told, I didn't need exercise. She laughed, my roommate screamed at me to let him out, and she turned back to the ladder.

I jogged for about two minutes, and I couldn't stop it. I shifted. I jumped into the air as all my bones cracked, moved around, changed shape, and went back into place. I landed, my paws hitting the ground. I shook my white fur out, my wolf was happy now that I had finally let him out. It's been a while since I've shifted, so he's been confined and miserable inside my head, which has been annoying. And especially since he couldn't touch Bella, except for the first time we met her.

I ran around the clearing with the tree house, and hear laughing. She was happy. I wouldn't be able to stand it if she wasn't. It took everything in me to not go back to the tree house, just to see her smile, just to touch her, to kiss her. I howled, signalling to my pack that I'm returning, and I ran in the direction of my pack's house.

One thing was on my mind the whole ten minute run to my pack's house. Well, two things. One was that Bella didn't seemed to have cared about what I wrote in the note, or she hadn't even read it. And the other thing was that there was a rogue wolf out to get her. I have to find out his plan before they can take my Luna before I even get her.

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