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Hey guys, sorry for the long long long long LOONNG ass silence... Things like school take up my life and when I get home I'm too lazy to update shit XD... So... Things have happened on the YouTube community that's been getting too me lately... Two very important you tubers passed away recently... Daniel Kyre from the Cyndago channel, and Caleb Logan from the channel Bratayely... Words can't describe how much I honestly miss these two guys... It's sad.... And kinda terrible to start shipping people at this point.... I have been beginning to ship Daniel with his best friend, Ryan McGee (think that's how you spell it) but I'll put a picture up in that thing so you know what I'm talking about with the ship thing.... Blondie is Daniel ;-; Blonde hair and blue eyes... Who could say no... Blah... Sorry I'm talking a bunch of stupid shit now but you get my point.... I might not update my story because I'm too lazy to do shit, but I'll try my best.... Trying so hard not to ship Daniel and Ryan.... Please help me!!! I'm sorry guys

RIP- Daniel Kyre
July 6th, 1994 - September 18th, 2015

RIP- Caleb Logan
July 13th, 2002 - October 1st, 2015

You guys will truly be missed... Words can't describe how your YouTube channel won't be the same anymore and how much everybody's gonna miss you.... 💚💙👼

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