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random fact: i play the guitar. do you guys play any instruments?

*letter format. feel free to correct grammatical errors, if any :)


" nyx,

hi, it's me again. it's been about a month since i wrote you, and i've been lonely.
i'm not even sure whether you're receiving these letters, or not.
and if you are, i'm not too clear on why you never choose to write back.
is it something i have done?
it's october now, it's getting cold out.
i'm at this hospital with a lot of scary, mental people and very nice nurses. it's got this beautiful park overlooking a lake.
there are so many trees, too. i think they call this the lakeview rehabilitation centre.
i'm at a rehabilitation centre. but i can't remember a single thing.
the doctors say sometimes, in some very rare cases, the memory does come back.
but my head has been hurting a lot, the doctors seem worried.
but i'm sure it's nothing.
i really miss life, whatever it used to be like.
i want to know. i want you to help me.
please write back.

patiently waiting,
nymphadora "

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