Chapter 3:Trying hard

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"RING! !!!" The bell ranged warning the teachers to let the class out. Angie packed her backpack and ran out of the class."AYYYE ARMANI!!" Angie yelled running to Armani. "Wassup Angie?"She said as they hugged each other. "Nothing, but have you seen Darius?" Angie asked expecting armani to react funny."GURL, you still like that ugly, long headed thot?" She asked with her hands on her hips. "Bruhh I got mixed feelings, but have you seen him or naw? She asked not wanting another insult. "Yeah, he with Rhianna and Jasmine."She said uninterested."Iight thank you".Angie ran to Rhianna and Jasmine. "Hey, how yall doin?" Angie said giving them hugs. "Hey Angie"they both said. "Hey darius" Angie said trying her best to stay cool and to try to stop looking at his face as much."Hey" he said turning back to Drake. Anybody could tell she was happy. Both of the girls looked at her disapproving. "Boi" Jasmine made her hand fall into a position pointing at Angie. Angie giggled."RING!!!!!" The school bell rang, everybody ran to their classes.

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