Chapter 16

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"Why are you guys up?" Jai asked with a confused face as he closed the door.
"No reason." I said while getting up to hug him. I could imagine the look on Beau's face but I assumed he figured out my plan. As I hugged Jai I could smell her perfume.
"Jai this isn't my perfume I'm smelling." I said, backing away and crossing my arms. Before he could speak I spoke again.
"I bet it's Jessica's or 'Jes' as you call her."
"What are you taking about?"
"Cut the crap I know you're cheating on me Jai."
"I'm not cheating."
"I saw the messages don't play dumb." I couldn't believe I wasn't crying yet. I think it was because I wanted to show him that he couldn't hurt me.
"I'm not cheating." He repeated
"STOP IT JAI!" I yelled before running out the door.

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