Chapter 1

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After I got out of my car I don't have freedom Hazel follows me every where she's my neighbor and she goes to my school same class and everything each day when I go into to class she yells my name and hugs me,my parents adore her so that doesn't make it any better.

So I am 12 now and so is Hazel it just gets worse I know she has a crush on me.every day at school she sits right behind me and sniffs my hair I mean I can notice it and it's pretty I decided to ask this girl out she's the hottest girl in the school I tried this to make Hazel jealous and not to like me anymore,so every time she walks by I hug my girlfriend her names Ashley,I hold her hand in the hall ways and I know Hazel can see.every day when I come home Hazel waits for me to give me eggs that her chickens lay my family don't like eggs so I throw them away I don't want to tell Hazel to stop because I don't want to make her feel bad.

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